Earlier this year, I posted about mine and Chris’ curse, that causes every place that we love and that is sentimental to our relationship to close, get demolished, or otherwise maimed.

The lowest point of this curse was when our super classy Wedding Rehearsal location, a Greek Steakhouse called Sarris’, closed down and was replaced with “Love Stuff”. In case you’re not clear on the items sold at Love Stuff, I’ll quote my earlier blog post about this life-altering tragedy:

That beautiful brick, ivy-painted back room that we had our dinner in now holds the French Maid outfits, Fireman jackets, and Thigh high boots.

Err, not that we would know.

Well, there’s now a new development in the upper crust of Hoover Commerce (which, by the way, Hoover is considered to be one of the classier suburbs of Birmingham, not that you’d know it by the next picture). This new development takes place right next door to Love Stuff, and the combination couldn’t be more absurdly comical:


Just in case you can’t see, this:IMG_2205LoveStuff
is now next door to this:
So, you know, if love goes badly, you’ve always got an option. Right next door.

Oddly enough, both stores are the type that likely have a back room where the discriminating consumer can purchase personal items of questionable legality. All they need now is a charity bingo hall and a medicinal marijuana pharmacy to really complete the stereotype!

Because after all, isn’t it every southern bridesmaid’s dream to have one stop shopping for a classy lingerie shower AND a bachelorette party with automatic weapons?

Now you can come to Hoover, pawn your Uzi, and come home with neon yellow leather pants and a matching pair of 12 inch platform thigh high boots!!

But, alas, all is fair in love and war…and available in a one stop shopping trip to Hoover, Alabama!

18 thoughts on “At Least It’s a Curse With a Sense of Humor.

  1. As a South Carolina resident, this makes me feel like maybe we aren't the bottom of the barrel…:-) I love your blog!!

  2. It really doesn't get much classier than a Love Stuff, unless of course, you are counting the "Adult Supercenter" on one of our major highways around here complete with a "Adult Supercenter" hummer parked outside!

  3. Heber Springs, AR, has a bait/gun store that also has tanning beds and clothes. just a little something for everyone. . . : )

  4. In Love stuff's defense, they do have some VERY cute halloween costumes. ;-)

    My husband of course is very excited about the gun store, thankfully, he could care less about Love Stuff.

  5. Sooner or later, that shopping center could very well show up on that show on CMT, "My Redneck Wedding" or whatever it's called.

  6. This is the first that I've heard of the new firearms store next to love stuff. I didn't notice it when I was there 2 weeks ago buying stuff for a bachelorette party. Yes, I'll admit it! I've been to love stuff, but must admit..the back room SCARES me!!

  7. I loved Sarris' restaurant, too. What a shame. I am surprised the mayor lets them hang around. After all, "Hoover's happenin'." Ick.

  8. Just an FYI, I was giving a friend directions the other day to Hancock Fabrics which I didn't realize until I said it aloud is right next to Hooter's and Dick's Sporting Goods. Think of all three of those stores side by side. Makes me laugh!

  9. We pass Love Stuff every Sunday on our way to & from church and we always wondered what exactly they sold ;)

  10. Well, they don't sell love.
    I went in with some friends for a bachelorette party and was pretty grossed out by all the random porn in the "games" section.
    Every time I do drive by, there is a police car and some stupid man being handcuffed, hmmmm?
    That building actually was a Quincey's before it was Sarris. I used to go every Sunday with my granddaddy. :)

  11. I remember when Love Stuff was Quincy's… a loooooong time ago. We ate there so many times when I was a kid!

    We live fairly close to Gulf Shores. There are a BUNCH of adult bookstores and such on the way to the beach. Is it just part of vacation… that people fly their freak flag at the beach? I don't get it.

  12. There's a wig shop in the back of that building also. I only know that b/c that's where I had to get Granny's wig, and I went there to get mom one earlier this year. They were closed, so mom and I went to love stuff to check out what all the talk was about. That was odd. I think it's pretty funny though they are putting a firearms store right next door to Love Stuff. :) :)

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