Zoës Kitchen is by FAR one of the best restaurants in Alabama – I can honestly say that it is my absolute favorite! I eat there nearly every week – and sometimes twice a week!! I can admit it – I’m a Zoës addict.

And, I’m no easy person to please, either. My family is VERY Greek, so I grew up eating some of the best homemade Greek cooking around. Zoës’ Greek flair is so perfect – it’s light (for those not completely sold into the whole Greek thing) but very, VERY well done and deliciously flavorful. It’s the perfect touch of Greek, married to amazing Southern cooking (like their TO DIE FOR Chicken Salad – I’m a Chicken Salad connoisseur, and Zoës far and away beats them all!!).

So, needless to say, when I got an email from Zoës asking if I would be interested in hosting a giveaway for them, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!!!

They have GREAT family meal options, and they would like to save you the hassle of cooking this summer, and let you have dinner on them!!! (We often buy these meals for our friends who just had babies – they are great as gifts, or to take home for your family on a day when you just don’t have time to cook.)

This giveaway is for a gift card for one Zoës Dinner for Four – a $26.95 value. Your options for this dinner are:

  1. Chicken Kabob Dinner – includes 8 Chicken Kabobs, Rice Pilaf, Greek Salad, and Pita Bread.
  2. Baked Chicken Dinner – includes a whole Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Greek Salad, and Roasted Vegetables (Call 90 minutes ahead to ensure availability).
  3. Greek Chicken Marinara Dinner – includes 4 Chicken Breasts, Greek Salad, and Pita Bread.

All of these meals are fantastic! This gift card is good at any Zoës Location, which includes 5 locations in Birmingham, and one each in Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Mobile, Atlanta, and several others out of state (click above for all of the locations).

To enter to win, simply comment on this post. You may earn extra entries by:

  1. Follow Zoës Kitchen on Twitter
  2. Become a friend with Zoës Kitchen on Facebook
  3. Tweet about this giveaway!
  4. Subscribing to or Following this blog

Be sure to leave an extra comment for each extra entry!

This contest is open until Monday, July 27th, and a winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Tuesday, July 28th. Best of luck!!

119 thoughts on “Zoës Kitchen Giveaway!!!

  1. OK, I'm entering, but if I win, may I give it to you? It makes sense since I'm in England and you love the place. :-)

  2. Yum-O! Love Zoe's! I used to eat at the one Downtown across from the Y almost daily when I worked there! I miss those days!

  3. New to this site and the Alabama Bloggers site!

    I, too, LOVE Zoe's kitchen! Even have a kitty cat named Zoe!!!

    So glad to have "met" you and hope to visit often!

    By the way, am I the only blogger in Montgomery?!?! Surely not! :-)

  4. Zoe's is definately mine and my boyfriend's weakness!! I love their grilled chicken sandwich and chicken salad!! He surprised me at work earlier this week by having a whole Zoe's picnic set up outside of my work when I came out for lunch =)

  5. I absolutely love Zoe's….it is oh so good! May have to eat at the downtown location today, since I now have it on the brain!!

  6. I love Zoes! I think I can follow them on facebook, but twitter… 1/2 the time I cannot seem to even get signed in. sigh…..

  7. Fan or friend of Zoes on facebook and posted about the giveaway on my facebook page. Now I qualify for a geek award!

  8. Wow already 65 comments…there must be a lot so Zoe's lovers out there! Thanks for introducing me to Zoe's chicken salad, it's delicious!

  9. I heart Zoes! I just blogged about it on Tuesday of this week on my food blog. YUM!

  10. I've never eaten at Zoe's but I've seen an Alabama twitterer mention it. I followed Zoe's on Twitter also.

  11. hey, Im leaving a comment to be entered in the giveaway from Zoe's Kitchen!:) I also follow Zoe's on twitter and on FB.

  12. I've never tried Zoe's but you have piqued my interest. Maybe we'll have a celebration dinner there after my husband gets back to work.

  13. I love Zoe'S!!!!! It is so good. I am a big chicken salad sandwhich person. I think Zoe'S chicken salad sandwhich is the best.

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