Geography, Pre-K Style.

Since the debut of our “states” fun back in April, a lot of people have asked about our progress.

So, I finally remembered to videotape it.

This project was simple:  Two or three mornings a week, I would pull out our states placemat.  I would place a small treat on a state, and if Ali correctly named the state, she got to keep the treat.  If she didn’t, it went on another state, after I reminded her the name of the prior state.  Her attention span is typical for a 2 1/2 year old, so we spent about 5 minutes on this project a day.

Disclaimer #1: Yes, the angle and lighting start out bad. I promise I fix it after a couple of states.

Disclaimer #2: Yes, I know that this video is long. But there are a lot of states. Gimme a break.

2 1/2 Years old
2 1/2 Months of learning (or, the “fun new game”, as Ali thinks it is)
3.5 pounds of Pistachios
1/2 million marshmallows
150 Yogurt covered raisins (for variety)

p.s. – I just figured out the trick of stealing and re-rewarding today – but she didn’t seem to notice too much. Cuts down on the sugar intake nicely.

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