I am a Savingsaholic.

I love coupons, discounts, saving up points to get special rewards, watching the sale papers, all of it.

(Except grocery store coupons. I learned that I buy more products that I don’t normally use and forget to use the coupons for the products I DO use at the grocery store, thereby creating a net loss.)

You can especially get my attention if you package a coupon like a gift card.

Why is it that a “gift card” that says “$10 free!!….with a purchase of $20″ looks SOOO much more valuable than a paper coupon that says “50% off a purchase of $20 or more”?

AND why is it that “Buy one get one 50% off” sale looks SOOO much more attractive than “25% off when you buy two”, which is the same exact same savings?

But enough about fancy marketing and creative appeal to us bargain hunters. That’s not my soapbox for today.

What is it, you ask?

Rewards Cards. Or Extra Value Cards. Or Perks Cards. Or Special Value cards. Or whatever-the-heck you want to call them.

I can’t turn them down – they offer savings!! And perks!!! And special sales!!! And points!!! And Coupons mailed to my door!!!

And so, I have this in my wallet:

I counted.


No wonder my wallet doesn’t snap.

So here’s my idea: Some entrepreneur out there, please read this post and shamelessly steal my idea. Don’t bother giving me credit or royalties or anything. I would gladly just accept the product itself as payment.

(Unless you insist, in which case I’ll take a 60% cut.)

Please, oh please oh please oh please, invent a universal rewards card. Everyone can get one at any participating store – it’s registered in their name and has a barcodey thingy. Then, go sell the software and rights to all stores that have this sort of program to load up THEIR rewards program onto said universal card.

Then, I would just have to dig for ONE card in my wallet when the 16-year-old-cashier asks for my rewards card in an impatient-yet-bored tone.

My wallet would actually snap together!!!

I would never have to fill out another rewards card application, because they could swipe my card and have my address and name in their system.

My wallet would actually snap together!!!

Less plastic cards would have to be created, so it would cost the companies less.

My wallet would actually snap together!!!

All of the environmentalists would be thrilled with less plastic being created, wasted, and lugged around in the bottom of a crowded purse.

And oh yeah, did I mention that my wallet would snap together??

I wish I could give these up, but I just can’t. I can’t pass up a good bargain, even if it makes my wallet not snap together.

So can someone turn these sixteen cards into one, please?

10 thoughts on “Someone Please Add Some Extra Value to Extra Value Cards.

  1. Wow…and I thought I was bad with 5 in my wallet!

    My mil actually has a separate keychain devoted just to those cards, and while I've never actually counted them all, I'm almost positive she has more than your 16. So don't feel too bad about it!

  2. You should see my keyring with all those little cards you get, which is what I use instead of the gig ones. But, you still have to find the right one when the 16 year old, inpatient girl asks for your card. LYB

  3. I liked it that Verizon gave a cash card as rebate when I bought my new phone. You can use it anywhere. Something like that would be good. I have three wallets. Two in my car, one in my purse. Oh, and one in my desk at home! That's four! That's home many flippin' cards I have. And they ain't credit!

  4. I have a ton of cards as well, but I don't know where a single one is. I just give them my home number (or cell, what ever I put on my membership) and that always works. NO CARDS! Maybe that will help you get rid of at least a few (and not have to dig at check out!)

  5. Oooh – I'm going to have to start seeing if they will accept a phone number! That's a good idea. If I can remember which phone number I gave them!

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