Ali and I spent the morning at the hospital with my Mom, who seems to be in pretty good spirits.

The surgeon came in while I was there, so I got the actual info straight from him, rather than from my slightly-goofy-due-to-pain-meds Mom. She broke three bones in her right ankle – the main ones on each side, and the one in the back. To fix it, he’s going to put a plate and two screws on the left side, two screws on the right side, and that should hold it together good enough for all three bones to heal.

She will not be able to put any weight on it for 1-2 months, and then will have 3 months of therapy after that.

They didn’t have any operating rooms available all morning long, so Mom didn’t go into surgery until 2pm (with nothing to eat or drink after midnight – I’m pretty sure that’s the epitome of misery). So, Mom is currently in surgery, and we would all appreciate your prayers.

While you pray, I’ll share the more entertaining moments of the morning. Apparently, the newest trend in surgeon garb is to have huge white rubber rainboots with your scrubs tucked into them. It’s quite classy. Of course, Ali noticed. So, the whole time the surgeon was in there, she was saying not-so-quietly,

“Look at his boots, Mommy!! He has white boots like Ali has pink boots!! He has his boots on, Mommy!!”

I’m pretty sure that she would have been quite happy to go splash in mud puddles (or “dirty puddles”, as she calls them) with Mister Surgeon.

Besides that, Ali was wound up, and of course bouncing off the walls in Mom’s super-fancy-new-wing-of-the-hospital room. So quite accidentally, we discovered that the couch was a pull-out bed. However, it also had a nifty drawer in it, or, as Ali decided, a little bitty seat:
So she spent quite some time sitting across from Pop, while I’m sure Pop was looking forward to her removal so that he could try out that couch for a well-deserved nap.

As we were leaving, I showed Ali the great view from the hospital. She was mesmerized, as was I by the photo opportunity:

Okay. That’s it – quit procrastinating and go pray!

I’ll update THIS blog post as soon as I hear that she’s out of surgery and all.

Update: Mom got out of surgery at 5:20pm. All went well, and she will be back in the room she was in, most likely overnight one more night. Thanks for your prayers!!!

9 thoughts on “UPDATED Update on my Mom

  1. SAD! I hate to hear of her injury. We'll certainly keep her in our prayers — for a successful surgery and quick recovery!

  2. Rachel,
    Just read about your mom. Glad the surgery is over. We'll be praying that her ankle will heal completely and quickly!
    Tommy and Dianne Norton
    (Ashley's Mom and Dad)

  3. That is a long recovery for such an active woman. She will be on my prayer list for a long time as will the rest of your family. Pleae e-mail me their address. LYB

  4. I had a 10 month old patient a couple of weeks ago who was a "work in" and didn't go until 5:30 PM, after having nothing to eat or drink since midnight! Glad to hear your mom is okay.

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