Someone asked me the other day if Ali knew her whole first name.

Err, no. But I guess she DOES need to know that.

Her first name is Alana – with a soft a, like Drama. Not Alaina, which she gets called by the nurses and receptionist every time we go to the doctor’s office (I’m not really the “correct you about my child’s name pronunciation” type – especially if it’s her whole name that we never use anyway).

She’s been going around a lot chanting her whole name as she knows it – “I’m Ali Grace (last name)!!!”, so I figured it was time to explain to her that there is more to it than that.

So, a few mornings ago at the kitchen table (where all of our formal learning happens, like geography, counting, and learning to say “excuse me” when you burp or toot), it all went down as follows:

“Ali, do you know that your WHOLE name is Alana?”

Her puzzled response was “hmm.”

“Do you like ‘Alana’?”

Approvingly, she said, “mm HMM.”

“Would you like me to call you ‘Alana’?”

“Did we see a Llama at the zoo zoo zoo?”

“Yes. But your first name is AlaNa.”

“Can we go see another Llama at the zoo zoo zoo???”

“Sure, baby.”

I give up. Ali it is.

24 thoughts on “We Might Have Waited Too Long For This. . .

  1. Don't worry. She'll get it. Especially before she goes to Kindergarten she'll grasp the concept of it. You'll be completely amazed at how much she absorbs between now and 5 years.

  2. Too cute! I had no clue that Ali wasn't her 'whole' 1st name! Its def. nice enough to stand on its own, but I'm sure Alana will serve her well (especially when she's older!)

  3. Okay Rachel, this is so completely strange. Alana is one of the names we are thinking about for Baby Girl. And Abbie's middle name is Grace.

  4. I kind of understand her dilema, I go by my middle name among family and really until th 4th grade even at school so it was a strange and confusing time when I was starting to be called Leanna now I don't care which of my names you use. Leanna or Tennille. I use Leanna more at work because most people have a hard time saying Tennille.

    She will get it just give her time.

  5. I love it! For some reason I always assumed her full name was Allison, but Alana is really pretty!

  6. I always read your blog but never comment. I went to college at Samford, so I think I started reading your blog when someone else in the same area had yours linked to theirs. I'm from the Pinellas Park/st. Pete area of Florida, if and when you see that pop up on your site meter.

    anyhow, I always wondered if Ali was her full name or what it was short for. She'll catch on eventually.

    Now that I've introduced myself, I'll start to comment more and maybe i'll be in the most often commenter group!

  7. Hahaha, that picture is hilarious! I had no idea her name wasn't just Ali. Ali is such a cute name and fits her so well. Maybe she can be Alana when she goes off to college. :)

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