We Might Have Waited Too Long For This. . .

Someone asked me the other day if Ali knew her whole first name.

Err, no. But I guess she DOES need to know that.

Her first name is Alana – with a soft a, like Drama. Not Alaina, which she gets called by the nurses and receptionist every time we go to the doctor’s office (I’m not really the “correct you about my child’s name pronunciation” type – especially if it’s her whole name that we never use anyway).

She’s been going around a lot chanting her whole name as she knows it – “I’m Ali Grace (last name)!!!”, so I figured it was time to explain to her that there is more to it than that.

So, a few mornings ago at the kitchen table (where all of our formal learning happens, like geography, counting, and learning to say “excuse me” when you burp or toot), it all went down as follows:

“Ali, do you know that your WHOLE name is Alana?”

Her puzzled response was “hmm.”

“Do you like ‘Alana’?”

Approvingly, she said, “mm HMM.”

“Would you like me to call you ‘Alana’?”

“Did we see a Llama at the zoo zoo zoo?”

“Yes. But your first name is AlaNa.”

“Can we go see another Llama at the zoo zoo zoo???”

“Sure, baby.”

I give up. Ali it is.