More crazy signs I’ve seen on our treks through Alabama as of late:

For those who want to keep their self-centeredness and God in the SAME box, I recommend this Church:

If you find that you just have TOO much bible in your life, go here to be set free:

(I HATE that I couldn’t get a good picture of this next one, since it’s one of our favorites. The first word is “Overcoming”.)

So, if your problem isn’t too much bible but just too dang much faith, definitely try this church out for help:

And, finally, I am pretty sure that this is hands down THE CHEESIEST Realtor sign I’ve ever seen in my life (not to be confused with The Cheesiest LOOKING realtor, which is Bob Shallow, by a landslide):
Why yes, that is a Labrador Retriever in that picture with her.

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19 thoughts on “Three Churches and a Realtor

  1. I love taking pictures of funny signs too! Lol I am glad it isn't just me, and those are hysterical!

  2. How do you catch all these so quickly? I will something like this and then an hour later think of a caption? You are very clever!

  3. Haha, those are great!

    Thanks for the link. I guess we don't have a sponser in our area but it said to "check back soon". :)

  4. It makes you wonder what kind of people are naming these churches and who in their right mind is coming up with such dumb marketing ideas!

  5. That is really cute that you thought to take pictures of those – I am a day late dollar short in that department :) You gave me a chuckle this afternoon – thanks and Happy WW to you!

  6. oh those church ones really crack me up. especially the overcoming faith ministries. do these people even think about what they are naming their churches? :)

  7. That realtor is the one we bought our land from and trust me the pic is cheesy also. i have yet to meet a realtor down here who is not at least 20 years older than their pics. I also have always wondered about Overcoming Faith, I have tried to figure that name out and cannot. LYB

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