Dolly Parton is reading my blog.

Either that or she really IS all-knowing.

You remember how I told you about Dolly sending multiple books “encouraging” more siblings ONLY to us, a family with only one child? How she is obviously spying on us and trying to manipulate us?

Well now she’s just plain messing with us.

Remember about our Alana/a Llama confusions from last week?

Well, THANK YOU, Dolly Parton, for sending us this book THIS week:

A WHOLE book about things that rhyme with Llama!!

Just in case there wasn’t enough confusion already.

15 thoughts on “At Least Now I Know HOW She’s Spying on Me…

  1. Yep, we got one too. James loves it,but momma not so much. I get mixed up with all the llama sounds. I skip a lot of it. Sad, I know.

  2. Maybe you should write your own sentence in the book that includes Alana…maybe Alana loves the Llamas :)

  3. We didn't get the LLama book. Our Dolly Parton book this month about a duck and his Mama. I'm hoping our llama book is on it's way!

  4. Dolly is all-knowing. You question this?


    If Kenny Rogers starts sending you things, I might get concerned.

  5. There is at least one other book about that llama.

    Why doesn't Dolly Parton send ME books? ;-)

  6. Okay, I was just at summer reading program in Winfield. They gave away 2 llama books. I couldn't believe my eyes. Dolly has infiltrated my life now, too! If I see a tiny, buxom woman in a trench coat hiding out around the yard, I'm calling the cops!

  7. Oh we love Llama Llama Red Pajama! I think there's also Llama Llama Mad at Momma (who wants to read that over and over to their kid?! Not me!)

  8. We got our new Dolly book last night and it was about a Gorilla. She's obviously not spying on us. LOL

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