I had another day of frantically cleaning out the fridge and freezer AGAIN. There’s another smell. I don’t know why smells have been bothering me so much lately (or why our house has been plagued with smells), but it’s going to drive me mad!!

However, in cleaning out the freezer, I found out that Chris was right about an important point. He’s been joking with me for months about there still being frozen breast milk in the back of our freezer. He’s suggested it for ice packs, for emergencies when we run out of milk, for the munchies, you get the idea.

I keep telling him that there is NO 20 month old breast milk in our freezer.

But he was right. Oops.

I found three bags of the stuff – waaay back the the freezer.

Needless to say, we NO LONGER have breast milk in the freezer. That 18 Ounces of “Liquid Gold” is WAAY past it’s prime.

Ali and I had some time to kill the other day, so we went to the mall. And I must say, the first sight that hit my eyes about made me scream “Holy Hallelujah!!!”:


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen (or really just ladies, because I’m sure I lost all the guys at “breast milk”), a “short skirt” is now defined as a skirt that hits the knees!! AND that was in the JUNIOR’S department!!!

I have to say that I LOVE that long dresses in general are back “in”. I’ve just never been a fan of my legs (especially knees and above). I wore my first dress purchase in years on Sunday (my “Pretty Pretty Princess Dress“), and I have to say I am thrilled that I can get away a dress like that without being mistaken for someone who dug something out of their early 90’s pile of clothes.

Except for one tiny little thing.

They could REALLY use some help in marketing this rebirth of the long dress.

What fashion guru in a tall, tall office building somewhere in Paris came up with the term “Maxi Dress”?

Seriously?? Because when I hear the term “Maxi”, that’s NOT the first thing that comes to mind.

Maybe it got lost in translation. Maybe in French, the term “Maxi” does not implicate feminine products at all.

Now, back to our mall trip, now that I’ve most definitely lost that last guy hanging on through this post.

I was in search of a new purse. I love my purse, but I’ve finally decided to jump a bit more into Mommyhood and combine carrying items. Now that Ali doesn’t need a large diaper bag (until we potty train, I guess) and doesn’t need a stroller when we are walking at the mall or other long distances, it has become a nuisance to carry my purse,


AND her lunch/spare diaper bag,


so I’ve been considering getting a purse big enough to put it all in one.

NO, this doesn’t mean I’m going to give in and get a minivan to go with my Mommy purse. I’m just trying to lessen the number of items that I have to carry around.

And I found the perfect one. It’s Franco Sarto, which I have always LOVED the design of their purses. And this one is nylon, so it’s easily wipeable/washable for sippy cup spills, AND it has two distinct compartments: one for me and one for Ali. AND lots of pockets and zippers:


Yes, it’s loud, but I like loud purses, most of the time. Plus, when Ali saw the plain black one, she informed me authoritatively, “I don’t want to like that one.”

So, that’s it. A random meandering through frozen breastmilk, poorly named clothing, and Mommy purses. What? You didn’t expect cohesiveness, did you??

16 thoughts on “Bits O’ (Girl) Life

  1. I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw this beautiful woman with a wonderful maxi dress on. She looked so stylish. But I had the same thought, "Why do they call it a maxi dress?"

  2. I love the long dresses and 'short' skirts that hit the knee are way better than a breeze….this poor girl one day in a parking lot caught a breeze, she wore white underneath!!
    Anyway, I cried when I had to dispose of my 'liquid gold' I waited for like 6 months after breastfeeding was over.

  3. I refuse to call them a Maxi Dress. So stupid!!!

    PS. LOVE the new purse prospect! Go for it! See you at lunch!!!!

  4. I love my maxi dress AND my maxi skirt! :) my legs are so pale that i hate wearing short dresses.
    its a great trend, but one DOES need to be careful of this trend. If you are too short, it can make you look squatty (dont worry im not referring to you–you looked great Sunday). and if the dress hits anywhere above the ankle to right below the knee, its just an awkward length. I was super super happy that I found a long dress that actually drags the ground on me!
    i'm just the awkward height that long dresses/skirts and pants can be either just too short…
    ok, and, end fashion lession of the day…
    oh and i do like the bag! nice choice!

  5. Was the smell a frozen spider?

    Love the purse! Creeped out by the mannequin, though. It reminds me of the pictures I've seen of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in "Alice in Wonderland." I get a cold chill every time I see it. Very clown-like. Ick.

  6. Very cute purse! Ya know, I had a VERY heightened sense of smell when I was pregnant with my boys…hmmmmmm. :)

  7. Yay! I love the "short" skirt! I, too, do not like my legs above the knees, and the first time I heard "maxi" dress, I thought, "What the heck??". :)

    Great new purse!

  8. Can't believe you had some liquid gold still hiding in the freezer; when Luke was a month old our freezer was literally half full of that stuff and we went through EVERY bit of it! Hopefully I'll get to do some shopping soon when I loose my baby weight…I'll definitely be checking out the maxi dresses. I love the new purse, it's great when you can find things that are stylish & very useful at the same time!

  9. Rachel, what a cute purse! Its perfect!
    And I know exactly what you mean about the maxi dress. I looked at the Victoria Secret website this AM at their maxi dresses and wondered about the term. But they did have some cute dresses that a re currently on sale.Using the code 25maxi you can save an additional 25% off the already 25% reduced dresses. Enjoy!
    You look fabulous!

  10. I love the purse. I do not want to like black either. loud is prettier. I am telling the whole IC waiting room about the breast milk. LYB

  11. so nice to know the skirts are now getting longer. i can only handle skirts jus above the knee or longer.

  12. Hi- just stumbled on your blog from another link. Love your candor and homor. :-) BTW, when I started getting annoyed by smells all the time, I was pregnant. :-)

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