If you have a singing-when-tinkled-in potty for potty training purposes, always close the lid.

And especially don’t leave the lid up while you’re showering.

The shower steam will build up in the potty and make it think that someone just tinkled, thereby giving you a loud, rousing song of accomplishment and congratulations.

Which will scare your still half-asleep wits out.

On the other hand, it might help in the waking-up process.

10 thoughts on “Life Lesson #660: Why To Put The Lid Down.

  1. oh i can just imagine if we had one of those and it started singing while i was in the shower. i would have jumped out of my skin. i'm assuming you learned this the hard way. :) too funny.

  2. That would scare me too. But as a none mom I have question do they wonder why the big potties don't sing once they start using them?

  3. NOW the potty is doing it all the time, whether the lid is down or not. Potty may have to find a new home.

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