So about every six months, I get bored and frustrated with my hair. I want something new, but yet I’m usually too afraid to actually TRY something new (just like last time I bemoaned this subject).

In my estimation, there are three options, of which you can do any or all, to change your hair when you find yourself in boredom crisis:
1. Color
2. Curl/Straighten
3. Cut

I’ve never colored my hair – not because I wouldn’t like to try it – because I would – but because I’m way too practical to spend a ton of money and time getting it maintained every 4-6 weeks.

As far as curl goes, I have had a couple of body waves, and have considered trying that again. So I went in search of pictures of said hairdo (circa 2004) to see if I really liked it.

Unfortunately, it was WAY before blogging days, and, so, there are very few photos of those years. And most of the pictures that we DID take were cell phone pictures. So, I present to you, Exhibit A and B, poor quality although they are:It was a fun hairdo, because I could either straighten it or keep it wavy.

(Exhibit C, straightened, again forgive the horrible picture quality – this was in the dark ages, after all:)
However, it was also pretty damaging to my hair – I’d always have a few unnoticable-except-to-me bald spots after receiving a body wave, plus I would actually have to use a flat iron to straighten it, which I don’t normally have to do.

Now to cut. I’ve kept it long for almost all of my life (and the only times it was short were very awkward years anyway, so I have this perception: me + short hair = AWKWARD).

My hubby is categorically opposed to me getting it cut short (and by short, I think he means REALLY short – I believe I have more leeway than I act on), but says I can get anything else done to it that I want.

So last night, I was telling him (yet again) that I was bored with my hair. What should I do? Should I finally get adventurous and get it colored? Should I potentially bear your disappointment and get it cut? Should I get another body wave?

He put on his really serious voice, and then described in full detail exactly what he thought I should do with it.

So I tried it.

THIS was his suggestion:


I sure hope someone else has a better one.

18 thoughts on “Extreme Hair Makeover: According to the Husband.

  1. Nice! It definitely has personality but could be dangerous in a “you’ll put someone’s eye out with those things” kind of way.
    I like your hair long and straight. It’s nice to be a person who can get away with that. I love long hair but it looks terrible on me.

    (Kim formerly known from Reformed Grits…)

  2. I think you could most definitely pull off a shortish haircut that’s kinda choppy (like one of the girls from Twilight). Not sure what kind of upkeep it would be though. You can always let it grow back out! Can’t wait to see what you decide on yet.

  3. i think you’d look great with a shorter cut. i’ve had mine curly and straight but my natural falls somewhere between the two with enough wave to be annoying. i do keep a shorter cut though, but not too short. i do have to cut it every 5 weeks or so, but it’s so much easier in the mornings. :)

  4. I think that every woman goes through an “I need something new and different” every six months or so!
    Your hair totally looks like pippi-longstocking! :)
    I say you should do like right at shoulder length….a little shorter than you would normally do, but still long enough to a) satisfy your husband and b) pull back when you need to!

  5. WOW.

    My hubs always says he likes mine just like it is. I had no idea how unimaginative he really is.

    What does Ali think?

  6. How funny. Well honestly I like body waves.. but I also like your hair straight the way it is now. You may try some layers in it. That’s a little different. I’m not a huge fan of short hair unless the said head of hair is thin.

  7. Wow, that is impressive! How did you get your hair to stick out like that?? It would be a good hairdo for Halloween…just throw on some coveralls and a straw hat and you’re good to go. :)

    I get sick of my hair so often and it seems like no matter what I try it ends up looking like the same old, same old after a few weeks. I think your hair is really nice, but I understand the hair boredom. My mom and I highlight each others’ hair using those box kits. It’s actually pretty easy and it looks the same as when my hair dresser used to do it.

  8. Lianne – Ali LOVED it. At first, sure, she was a bit scared, but she adored it after getting used to it. So much so that later on tonight when I had to go tell her that it was time to pipe down and actually GO TO sleep, she looked at me, frowned and said, “Mommy’s silly hair? Where did it GO??”.

    Rachel – Actually, Chris went into great detail of how to accomplish his hairdo also, which is why I was able to pull it off. It was a disassembled coathanger. All the way through.

    Thanks for all the ideas so far!!! I’ll have to run them all by Chris and see which ones stick.

  9. I think you could get away with cutting some of the length off (not a ton at first, do it in stages) and then maybe get some face framing layers and make it a bit chunky. Then you could still pull it back if ya want but you could also shake it up and give it a little texture!!!

    I LOVE hairstyle magazines and I will pick a selection of styles, ask my hubbs to pick a couple of them and then take them in and see what the hair wizard’s opinion is. If you go to the same person every time, she/e should know what you can get away with and what you can’t. You can also do a google image search and come up with a good mix (’cause the magazines can get pricey). Can’t wait to see what ya do!

    (PS – I think this is the first time I have commented here, hope I didn’t scare ya!!)

  10. I go through this every summer too. And I HATE my hair short. So I just got several inches cut off and it is still a long style, but looks somewhat different than my same straight long hair…Not liking Chris’ suggestion too much:)

  11. Sweet!!! OK, Pippy Longstocking, I think you need a new idea. You look very cute, though.

    My hubby tends to love my hair long also, but it takes forever to get it there. Of course, I have no choice but to color, and you don’t even want to get to that point. Then you are forced to get it done and pay out of the nose. Unless, of course, one of your friends teaches your husband how to do it, with highlights included, since you are moving to England and the prices are doubled!! Yes, it’s true.

  12. Love the Pippi Longstocking photo! I, too, have never had my hair colored & the lady who's been cutting my hair since we moved here said she's dying to color it, but I'm also too practical to spend that much $ on my hair. I told her maybe after the baby was born I might be adventurous enough to try the color thing, I'm sure I'll be ready for some kind of change by then. I would think that coloring it or cutting it shorter would be less daily maintenance for you than getting a body wave, so that's what I would vote for! Can't wait to see what you decide.

  13. I love Chris' idea and the crooked smile goes with it perfect. My opinion, either leave it alone because it looks great or cut it a little and leave it alone otherwise. If your really bored stick one of Ali's bows in it. LYB

  14. I say cut it. I always love it when I get a good cut. And highlights are great. Tell the stylist to keep is low maintenance and you won’t have to go in every month. Try four to six months. Fuschia streaks, however, are more maintenance. That’s the road I took. And I LOVE it! Go sassy. Kinda bob-short, with a swoop bang, you’ll look fantastic.

  15. My husband is very opposed to what he calls the “Married Lady Haircut”, referring to women with beautiful long hair like yours who cut it too short after getting married. He claims it’s an observable phenom that his guy friends warned him about when he got engaged. But sometimes , we just need a change. Check out the Braids and Bows Klutz book for very cute hair stylings for long and medium hair.

  16. lol My hubs doesn't like my hair short either. About a month ago I just got tired of it and got it cut up to my shoulders. I was surprised when he said how much he really liked it. Trust me if he didn't he would have told me. I buy cheap color at WalMart for $9.74 lol and get my sister to put it in. Cheaper to keep up that way.

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