How Did Alabama Get the Short End of the Beach Stick?

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There is nothing I love better than going to the beach, and I especially love that I can go to the beach and still be loyal to my wonderful state at the same time.

However, Have you noticed that someone is a bit of a hog down there?

I mean COME ON – Florida has a completely three-sided peninsula with thousands of miles of coastline that is in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, but they still HAD to come across Georgia and steal most of our beach too!?!?!?

Here’s the stats, as well as I could find with the help of Google:

Florida has over 2,200 miles of coastline.

Do you know how many miles Alabama has? 60.

Our border with Florida is over 150 miles long. If you figure in the curves and dips and squigglies of the coastline, that’s AT LEAST 200 miles of coastline.


Before our very eyes!

I can see Florida getting their slickest Politician Salesman with the greasy hair and the fancy suit to come offer to do us a favor: “We want to be good neighbors. That land over there? The nasty sandy land? It’s eat up with crabs and sharks and hurricanes!! We’ll take the responsibility of that awful land so that you don’t have to suffer from all of those ailments.”

How do YOU think it happened?

And how can we take them back?

I know it CAN happen, because several years ago when the Perdido Bridge was built, Florida “gave” Alabama an extra mile or so if we agreed to build the bridge. So we ARE taking it back, one mile at a time!

At any rate, here’s my proposal, Florida. Take it or leave it (funny, I think I know the answer to that option).

(While we’re at it, maybe we can be good neighbors and retrieve Georgia’s for them as well.)