So I had a very irritable day on Saturday.

I’m usually pretty even-keeled (here’s hoping that my hubby would agree with that statement), but something was up on Saturday. And I had to apologize to him several times.

Anyway. We had to stop by CVS that evening to get a gift bag and tissue paper. And this printed on the bottom of my receipt:
Seriously, CVS. I love you and all, but back off.

I love the savings that you give me for using my ExtraCare card, but I don’t want to know you’re tracking me THAT well.

And anyway, you should learn from all of the husbands in the world that suggesting that on an irritable day is NOT a good idea.

But if you so feel the need to be of “assistance“, then offer me free M&M Premiums.

Mint Chocolate.

Much more helpful and with less potential side effects, like me hunting you down and smashing your all-knowing robotic self with a sledgehammer.

9 thoughts on “CVS, The Insult Computer.

  1. That is great! I love me some CVS and I have always been so sweet to them so they never give me that coupon. :)

  2. Wow..sounds like you had a T-Mobile day yourself…haha. :) I hope you are feeling better now and less irritable.

  3. Maybe Chris called and gave them a heads up, being the thoughtful, sweet, knowing you are very even tempered husband he is. LYB

  4. Oh that’s some good stuff. If they offer Chris some earplugs, you’ll know something is really up.

  5. Just stopping by via Carols blog! What a cute place you have here! LOVE this post.. TOO FUNNY!!

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