My latest learning project for Ali has been learning states, thanks to a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate I won at Mozi Esme’s blog. I really didn’t think she’d be able to comprehend the idea that the little green shape on the map was actually a very large area in which we lived. However, she really surprised me and seems to understand that concept perfectly well.

Teaching her the actual states has been both easier and harder that I thought it would be. It definitely helps that she is going to be a total geek like her Mommy and Daddy a very studious child:

Some states stuck immediately like glue – like the fact that we live in Alabama, and that Mississippi is next to Alabama.

Kentucky was super easy because it looks like a cloud.

She also quickly learned South Carolina, because it is where Barkley, Jeremy and Woods live. It helped that there was a little black girl on the map swimming right off the coast of South Carolina:That is now Barkley. (With an unbelievably good tan.)

However some states have been much harder – I guess because there are just so many. Texas took a few tries (even though it’s huge): and for some reason Tennessee is really hard. I tried selling that it was like a hat that sat on top of Alabama, but she can’t ever seem to remember it.

In an effort to differentiate the states, I have started making vast generalizations that I will most assuredly have to recant one day. That’s right, I’m already working on creating tons of misconceptions of childhood for Ali.

For instance, cheese comes from Wisconsin.

Corn comes from Iowa.

Potatoes come from Idaho:
and Starbucks comes from Washington.

I’ve also tried other things to help her remember them.

Nevada is kinda like a triangle.

Veggie Tales live in Illinois:
Curious George lives in New York.

Barack Obama lives in the White House (of which there is a picture on the map) in Washington DC.

Those seem to be more successful.

So successful, in fact, that she now feels qualified to tell me where things come from.

For instance, I have now been informed that Jesus came from North Dakota.

I always suspected that was the case . . .

25 thoughts on “What in the World is from Wyoming??

  1. Cute! I would say cows come from Wyoming since they have a lot of cattle raches, but you could say buffalo too since they have Yellowstone.

    Even if you do have to recant it is a good idea to help her learn the states. I had no idea that Jesus was from the Dakotas.

  2. Hahaha! Pretty funny about that association. She won’t recognize me next time she sees me. She will wonder why I am not so tan! Ali really is the smartest little one I have ever seen. I have a feeling Woods isn’t going to be learning the States at 2. I can hardly get him to sit in his highchair long enough to eat. Busy, busy, busy!

  3. For some reason I thought Jesus came from a warm climate but I guess Ali knows something I do not know. You didn’t answer, what in the world does come from Wyoming? buffalo maybe. LYB

  4. I'm so amazed that she is telling you the states. My 3 yr old knows colors, very few letters and numbers. I've slacked big time! Yikes! lol

    Oh & I didn't know that Jesus was from North Dakota… I always wondered! :p

  5. Hahaha! That’s hilarious! I’m also impressed that she is already learning her states! Smart girl! (or smart mommy!)

  6. I think it’s great that you’re teaching her the States so early! By the way, you did a great job on Mama Hen’s blog!

  7. I thought everyone knew that Jesus came from North Dakota. And to think they let you leave the hospital without knowing that little tidbit of info….Tsk Tsk.

  8. I got one, but it’s a stretch. Since Hawaii is an island, you could say Thomas the Train is from there. (since he lives on the island of Sodor…) Like I said, a bit of a stretch, and you may be wanting to concentrate on the continental 48 right now anyway.

    About North Dakota…Can any good thing come from North Dakota? – Ha!

  9. How about windmills come from Wyoming? We pass a HUGE windmill farm whenever we head out to the inlaws!

    LOVE the design you did for Mama Hen!

  10. Thanks for linking up! I have to say that I'm pretty sure Ali could school me in some geography. I always felt like I missed a class somewhere on that! :0)

  11. I saw in the video the re-rewarding you so sneakily did ;)

    I did this same thing with my daughter with her states, at about the same age, when she turned 4 we started working with the countries, and I was working on trying my best to cut as much sugar from her diet as possible, so I started using stickers, and little ‘coupons’ as rewards.
    I let her pick out a colored tagboard and the store, and help me cut it into a shape of her choosing (a princess, go figure) ha. Then she got to put her stickers on the princess!
    For the coupons, she would get to use one when she felt was appropriate, whether that day or a month later, but only one per day. Little things like, ‘one big hug,’ ‘a picnic at the park’, ‘fort making day’, ‘music lesson with a new instrument’, etc.
    Mostly things we could do around the house, without much expense, if any at all. She absolutely LOVED all her rewards. Thought I’d give you some more ideas to use with your smart little girl!

    Great work with her! She’s fantastic! and I love your blog!

  12. Wonderful such fun! Could you let us know who makes the colorful placemat with the orange, The little gorletc.. thank you keep having fun.

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