Conquer the Caption

Anyone up for conquering??

You guys are going to kill me, but for last week’s conquer, I just HAVE to give the prize to Jennifer again.

I promise, she’s not the blogger’s pet!!

But she was the only person who was “out of the box” enough to connect the two pictures to create a story. AND she referenced a term I have blogged about before – Ali Qaeda. Her captions were perfectly perfect in every way. She just might be the Mary Poppins of captioning.

But not to worry. I promise – no matter how good Jennifer’s caption is this week, she won’t win.

(laughing evilly, but a bit scared that Jennifer is going to come up with the most unbelievably witty caption EVER. I wonder if she’s secretly a professional captioneer. . . )

So, here were Jennifer’s captions:


“Ali-Qaeda knew she was being watched. Not only by the man in the red shirt, but also by the man disguised as a snowman behind her. She was on to them both. She was going to have to plan her next move VERY carefully.”


“Ha ha ha! With these sunglasses and this big burly man carrying me around, Red Shirt and Snowy will never find me – especially once I hop this train and leave town!

I MEAN – she obviously spent at least eight hours (and three comments-worth of space on the post) coming up with that story line! Congrats, Jennifer!

Okay – Here’s this week’s Photo:


So, Caption away!!!!

Here’s how to play:

  1. Write a caption for the above picture(s) and post it in the comments of THIS POST.
  2. Put up your OWN photo (not mine) on your own blog and link it here (using a permalink – let me know if you don’t know how) with the mister linky below. Then other people (like me) can come to your blog and write captions for YOUR photo, too!

9 thoughts on “Conquer The Caption: Week Six

  1. “I’m a little soup pot tall and slender, here is my hat and here is my pot; gee, I hope mommy doesn’t put me on the hot stove.”

  2. You’ve heard of alphabet soup, now try Ali-phabet Soup–a sweet, spicy concoction you’re sure to love!

  3. How about I just not play this time? Just kidding. I would if I had something, but as of this minute, I don’t have anything as cute as Becky’s. And like I told you before, I either get it right away, or I get nothing. The longer I think about it, the worse my ideas get – usually.

    And maybe I’ve broken my streak. The third time IS the charm, you know. :)

  4. I was going to say something about alphabet soup, but it’s already been said! :( I love Jennifer’s last caption. So cute!

  5. I agree with Kitty’s first one. I was gonna say something like that. She gets my vote! Oh, wait. My vote doesn’t count. Nevermind!

  6. Ali-Qaeda thought she had escaped. He had caught her and little did she know he was going to make Ali-Qaeda-bet soup.

  7. Scratch the last one.

    ” Ali-Qaeda thought she had escaped. But, little did she know that the burly man was also the red shirt man. He had tricked her in to playing like she was cooking, but instead, cooking her to make Ali-Qaeda-bet soup.”

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