It was a busy Easter weekend for us this year, so we didn’t get to dye eggs and some other fun Easter traditions. But we did get to take Ali into the Good Friday Service, and she really enjoyed it. I have literally never seen her sit so still for so long – she was motionless for half an hour!! Of course, the fact that Ashley was singing had a LOT to do with it – she loved it!

It ALMOST tempted me to take her in to the Sunday Easter service,

but didn’t.

The nursery is a fine place on Easter Sunday for two year olds.

But here are the few pics I did manage to get of Easter:

On Saturday, Ali was checking out Isaac’s way-cool Thomas bike. Little did she know she was getting her own (tricycle) the next day. . .
The Easter basket:

The happy recipient:

The dress (she had some wild hair for Easter Sunday):

And. . . the Tricycle (We forgot to get her one for Christmas, so Easter was the next best excuse):

And the VERY happy recipient:

The Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake, fittingly decorated like an Easter Egg:
Of which the whole fam (including Ali) was a very happy recipient. As was I. But can I be a happy recipient if I made it?

Do you have an Easter Pic post or album? If so, link it up here so I (and everyone else) can go see them!!

23 thoughts on “Somewhat Belated Easter Pictures. . .

  1. She looked so beautiful Easter and did a great job on Good Friday.

    She is a blessed girl to get her new tricycle. That’s a purchase you certainly will not regret.

    How ya been?

    The cheesecake looks yummy and I think you might need to post that recipe. :-)

  2. Oh, she looked so pretty in her dress.

    James would love a Thomas tricyle, but then I would have to push it around on our grass so it will probably not happen. I know, bad momma.

  3. What a cutie…I am plagued with wild hair on a daily basis but it somehow works on her, makes her all the more cute.

    I don’t have any easter pictures to share. :( But thanks for sharing yours.

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