Ali has the full-on crud. Fever, snotty, terrible cough. I really need her NOT to be sick, and I REALLY need not to get it myself. I am giving a double baby shower on Saturday, and the last thing that says “Welcome to my home, pregnant Mommies!!” is a cough that sounds like a seal and snot that pours like a greenish colored fountain.

She hasn’t been sleeping too good, so I dug around last night trying to find the cranky medicine. It’s her prescription cold meds, and I rarely use them because they make her cranky enough to audition for “Grumpy Old Men: The Prequel” (If she were a boy, I suppose).

However, I thought it would help her cough less, and, therefore, sleep.

The only one I could find had an expiration of 11/08. I knew I had a newer one but couldn’t find it anywhere. I considered it, I asked Chris, and we agreed that it SHOULD be okay. So I gave it to her.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to a medication after it’s expiration date, it apparently turns into pure caffeine.

Yeah. It took her FOREVER to fall asleep.

AND it still had the crankifying effect.

Needless to say, I called her doctor this morning and got them to call me in a current, and DIFFERENT cold medicine. With something in it that will make her sleep, please. We’ll see how it works.

So. Here’s to hoping that Ali will be over it in a miraculously fast pace and that I won’t get it, despite some very slimy snotty kisses that I’ve received over the past two days. Oh, and despite the fact that I forgot to not share a fork with her at lunch.

Yeah, I might need some of your prayers.

So, on that note, I’ve had a couple of random “You Know You’re a Mommy When” moments in the past two days:

1. You know you’re a Mommy when you’re out and about alone, and drive for twenty minutes before you realize that you’re listening to Veggie Tales.

2. You know you’re a Mommy when you call your husband back and your opening line is, “Sorry, I couldn’t make it to the phone. I had a thermometer in a butt.”

3. You know you’re a Mommy when after receiving a kiss from your toddler and realizing that the saliva left on your lips was a bit thicker than it was supposed to be, deducing, of course, that it was snot, and your first thought is not “EEEW GROSS”, but “I need to sanitize my mouth so I don’t get her cold. Can you put Purell on your lips??”

Feel free to add to the list. And pray that I don’t get sick.

9 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Mommy When. . . .

  1. Oh yucko! Sick kids are never fun! Hoping she’s feeling better very, very soon and you don’t get the germies too!

  2. Man, you have had more than your fair share of germs in your house lately! Eeek!

    I turned on the tv today and listened to 10 minutes of Dora on Nick Jr. before I realized it wasn’t on the 80’s on 8 channel. I can relate!

    You slayed me with your “JIB” comment on my blog. My JIB looked less incarcerated than your JIB did. LOL!

  3. I will pray you do not get sick, that Ali gets well quickly and that your showers go great. That said, you really need to de-germ you. LYB

  4. Somehow your stories always have a way of making me gag:) I wonder why! Anyways, so sorry she is sick. Will definitely pray she is feeling better soon and that you won’t get it too.

  5. Poor kiddo! Hope she feels better soon! And that you don’t get sick.

    And baby Tylenol definitely had that wiring effect on my kid when I gave it to her – she started diving off the bed head first…

    Yep – those moments definitely qualify as mommy moments!

  6. I was highly amused with the VeggieTales thing, because I have done that so many times myself!

    Amy Beth has had a runny nose since yesterday, and as of this afternoon started coughing a lot. Major bummer. I will be praying for healing for Ali, too.

  7. I can relate to you know your a mommy….
    Although my music or tv is Hannah Montana.
    Hope Ali gets well quick & you don't get the crud.

  8. The last one was totally gross!!!

    I hope Ali gets to feeling better soon, and that you don’t get sick from her sloppy kisses!!

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