Conquer the Caption

So no wonder I’m terrible at starting memes! I TOTALLY forgot to do it last week!! Don’t ask me how. I even had it on my blog schedule!!

ahem. Yes, I have a blog schedule. And yes, I still forgot it. Yes, I am also the world’s biggest dork. Now can we please move on?!

Okay – so first of all – “last” week’s winner:

Conquer The Caption Week 2

I had several that I liked a whole lot, and really went back and forth between my top two favorites, but I finally decided on 3Carnations: “Somehow I thought swimming would involve…water.” Congrats! I’ll send you my useless prize button posthaste!!

And now for this week’s picture:


Here’s how to play:

  1. Write a caption for the above picture and post it in the comments of THIS POST.
  2. Put up your OWN photo (not mine) on your own blog and link it here (using a permalink – let me know if you don’t know how) with the mister linky below. Then other people (like me) can come to your blog and write captions for YOUR photo, too!

8 thoughts on “Conquer The Caption: Week Three

  1. Okay, we’re done. Leanna’s is THE perfect caption for this one – in my opinion!

    Hmm, I can’t come up with a good one at the moment. I’ll try again later.

  2. “The motherly advice of ‘don’t make that face or it will stick like that’ taken literally”

  3. “NO! Not another demand for creativity!”

    totally joking, of course. I love contests! : )

    PS Do we get an update on the romantic plans that went awry?

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