This is how I have been greeted the last few mornings when I go to get Ali out of bed:

“Hey Mommy! Hold KittyMonkey. Ali will hold DoggyBear. Mommy Sit down (pointing to chair) – get comfy. Ali is going to do flips. Mommy can watch Ali do flips.”

When I ask her, much later, if she’s ready to get out of bed and go read books in Mommy’s room (what USED to be our morning routine):

“Mommy go get ready. Ali wants to stay in bed and do flips.”

The funny thing is, she usually doesn’t do any flips. She just talks about it. A LOT.

In case you missed her flips on B-Sides, here’s what “flips” are (and excuse the warm-up session of the first 15 seconds or so – you can’t just do flips with no warm-up!):

In other news, Ali and I are setting out for The Big City (Atlanta) today to meet up with my precious friend Barkley and her baby Woods (who live in Charleston – MUCH too far away from us for my liking!!).

We will be having a Grand Adventure, seeing as how the last time I drove in Atlanta was the first year Chris and I were married (2001), and he about lost his young wife to a complete driving panic attack. But I am a wise, sage 27 years old now, instead of the young, inexperienced 19 that I was then.

But say a prayer just in case.

And, to keep you busy until I get the chance to tell you about this adventure, here are mine and Chris’ top 5 Atlanta adventures:

  1. . . .And The Crazies Descended Upon Atlanta – when we experienced the craziness of Dragon*Con QUITE accidentally. This adventure would be in the top 5 anyway, but it is number ONE because of the crazie comments on it. The “crazies” found my post and posted it on their forums and message boards, and so thousands descended upon my blog, identified themselves in my pictures, gave their opinions (mostly good but a few very, very bad) of my post, and in general “made” the post.
  2. In Which We Had a Jack Bauer-Like Adventure – Our adventures conning our way up onto the roof of a 700 foot Atlanta highrise.
  3. A Taste of Greek Culture Adventure – our first experience with TRUE Greek culture which included, of course, bellydancing. Oh it was fun.
  4. Not-So-Hotlanta – shopping, more bellydancing (this time introducing Chris’ Aunt and Uncle to it), and trying on outlandish clothes in Atlanta.
  5. Football (Finally) – my first thankfully air-conditioned WITH CUPHOLDERS football game. Ah. . . I could get used to that.

So enjoy our adventures above while Ali and I set off to have new ones.

Hmmm. . . should I take her bellydancing. . .? On the roof on a “tall tall building” (as she calls them). . . ? Or should I take her to Dragon*Con. . .?

2 thoughts on “When Did We Start Talking in Paragraphs?? And Stuff.

  1. My vote is for taking her up on the roof of the tall, tall building. We’ve seen in the past how diligent you are about holding onto her if she even thinks about being near the edge of anything, so you’ll be fine!

    Have fun today! I can’t wait for the “big reveal” of the giveaway winners!

  2. Sorry easily distracted. . .I almost bought the same bedding for Kady. (Instead she got a sage green toile and chenille set.)

    HAVE FUN and stay safe!

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