Well, the anniversary is over, and the party deco is put up. . . (sigh). . .

Which means that it’s time to announce the winners!!!


Mabel’s Labels Giveaway:


Ted Dekker Books:


Doodlebug Designs Custom Blog Design:

The Wade’s

Earthborn Studios Pottery Set:


Cahaba Clay Works Pottery Lessons:


GLCarter Designed Earrings and Bracelet: **FIRST CLAIM FIRST SERVE – be sure to comment and say whether you want the Earrings or Bracelet**:


Congratulations to you all!!! I’m in Atlanta right now, so when I get home and settled in (Tuesday night or Wednesday), I’ll email the winners to give you the rest of the details!

Please be sure to comment here and thank all of the wonderful sponsors of this giveaway!! Thanks for celebrating with me!

5 thoughts on “Giveaway Jubilee Winners!!!

  1. Oh! I am SOOOOOO excited about winning the pottery lessons!!!! Of all the giveaways, that was the one I was hoping to win the most!

    Thank you, Tena Payne, and all the generous contributors, for making this a fantastic giveaway and first blogaversary for Rachel!

  2. Really!?! ME!?! I can’t believe it! I’m soooooo very excited. I’ve been drooling over Earthborn Pottery since Rachel introduced it on her web page. (Just ask my hubby, who may be just a bit tired of hearing about hand-crafted, vanilla bean and river rock dinner plates!) So, thanks for the new obsession! ;)
    Congrats to all the lucky winners! And THANK YOU so much, Tena and Rachel! I’m so thrilled! I can’t wait to blog about this1 :)

  3. Rachel,

    I read this when you originally wrote it and did NOT see my name. It was in yellow and blended in with your background colors. I was bummed at the time and didn’t say anything. Thank you very much.

    This is my very first win…ever on a blog. I’m SO excited!

    If they are still not spoken for, I’ll take the earrings. Thanks again, Rachel. I have a U.S. P.O. Box through my husband’s job. They can be sent there. Should I e-mail that information to you?

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