Reading back over this before I post it, I am realizing that this is a very hyper post. Lots of run-on sentences and parenthetical asides. Maybe those cookies are having an affect after all. So be sure to read this post in a hyper-active, way-too-fast, I’ve-had-too-many-espresso-beans fashion.

Ali and I went to lunch with Beth, a bloggy friend that I have never met in person, although we have many ties (like the fact that she went to school with my husband, and TAUGHT school to my sister-in-law).

We met so that I could deliver to her the last of my Giveaway Jubilee prizes, which you can see her excitedly holding to the left (Oh, Carol, don’t get mad that I didn’t hand-deliver your earrings to England. I just didn’t want to mail the pottery – I wasn’t brave enough to trust my precious, breakable prize to the USPS).

We had a wonderfully fun lunch (if you’re all as much fun as Beth, I want to meet more of you bloggy friends in person!! So come have lunch with me! – um – but only if you’re fun, of course, because I need you to be able to make up for the fact that I am NOT, unfortunately, all that much fun in person), during which we talked, among many, many other things, about all of the amazing benefits of blogging.

I was raving about how much it has done for my state of mind and enjoyment of life. . .”it has just made me appreciate my life so much more and see the humor in the mundane and everyday – ACK!”

As Ali, who was sitting in my lap, dumped (or more like SLUNG) her large cup of ketchup all over both of us:So, while I cleaned it up, thanks to blogging, I was (get ready to digest all of this really quickly) able to see the humor in the moment and see the humor in seeing the humor in saying I could see the humor then immediately have an opportunity to see the humor.

Too bad Ali doesn’t look like she saw the humor. Maybe it’s time that I get her started blogging.

8 thoughts on “Always Count on Toddler for a Real-Time Opportunity to Practice What You Preach.

  1. And I’m not so far away that we couldn’t have lunch sometime!

    What really struck me funny about this is that I now have my non-blogging husband look at me over the dinner table (after something most inappropriate was said or done) and say to me, “This is a bloggable moment.” Everything has become an opportunity to blog!

  2. Ah… SO much fun! :)
    Thanks, Rachel (and Ali) for a great lunch. And, yes, we should definitely do it again. I’ll bring my rambunctious “almost-7”-year old with me this time around, and along with my clumsiness, Ali’s spontaneity and your joie de vivre (and maybe a handful of those cookies), it’s sure to be packed with lots of “bloggable” moments!
    Until next time!

  3. Whoa! That last sentence. You can tell there were 2 bloggers at the scene. One who didn’t wipe ketchup until there was a picture, and the other to take a picture. You see things so much differently when life is a blog!

  4. Wow! You had lunch with Ms. Reoch? (which I know is no longer her last name, but it was when she was my TEACHER :)).

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