Last November, I wrote this letter to the Ladybug Embassy.

I tried to be reasonable and allowed that they could swarm my house, as long as they would please pick somewhere different than their annual gathering place, my toddler’s bedroom.

Well, they have made their annual visit into a semi-annual one, but they abided by my request, and instead decided to swarm the garage!
I counted as best as I could, and there were well over 100 of them just on the garage doors this morning.

Thank you, Ladybug embassy, for respecting my wishes and choosing a MUCH more innocuous place to swarm.

Then again, maybe it was the infamous and still unsolved “Aquafina Mass Murders” that ended up taking over 200 ladybug lives that convinced you to move. . .

8 thoughts on “Consumer Advocacy DOES work!!

  1. We have the exact same problem. I don’t mind them though. The fly’s that swarm our home from time to time, now I do have a problem with them!


  2. That’s so funny.This morning I was just thinking about that post.I have a caterpillar problem every year around this time that (which hasn’t started yet) that makes your ladybug problem look like it’s just one or two.

  3. we have the same problem, but not every year. it’s odd really. one year there will be tons and then the next just a few, and then the next none. then they’ll start the whole cycle over again. rather odd.

  4. I think I'd rather have ladybugs, than flies, however, I'd really rather not have any of them! lol I dread it getting warmer & seeing the flies invade again. It makes my girls scream, although Em not so much, as she's getting older, but Livie, she has a high pitched scream that isn't fun to hear! I wish I knew how to get rid of them for good!

  5. Wow. You have the worst luck with lady bugs. I have some annoying ones that like my bedroom, but I don’t have nearly as many as you do. I hope they eventually leave you alone. Can a pest control person not get rid of them for you?

  6. The only reason ladybugs come inside is to die:( The bug man told me that and also that is illegal to specifically make ladybugs the target of insecticide, which would of course be unnecessary if the only reason they are inside is to die!

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