So on this season of American Idol, there have been a lot of Pink-Haired singers. Not completely pink-headed, mind you, but just with “tasteful” pink highlights:
I realized last night during eliminations that I have been subconsciously cheering for all of the pink-haired people, and have been disappointed when they’ve gotten eliminated.

I guess I like pink highlights.

I mean, they are pretty cool looking, in a funky sort of way.

Especially since I’ve never had a drop of hair dye on my hair. Ever.

I asked Chris last night if I could get some. He said I could do anything I wanted as long as I didn’t cut my hair. If it took pink highlights for me to be happy having long hair, then he was fine with it.

So. . .

I had to see what I would look like.
At the moment, Ali is smudging fingerprints all over my computer screen excitedly saying, “Mommy with pink hair!!!”.

10 thoughts on “Pink is the New Blond

  1. Wow! They actually don’t look bad on you (if you were to actually get them). I would never be brave enough to get pink highlights, I am not brave enough to get any highlights in my hair.

  2. I think you'd look cute with pink highlights… but I don't think I like that color pink… maybe something a little lighter, lol.

    And what is it with men & long hair?? ugh!

  3. The first time it said this:
    Your request could not be processed. Please try again.

    And then I posted again and it showed up. In IE! Maybe I can just use IE with these sites now.

    Must have something to do with firefox although I dont know why I have to post twice in IE. Oh well, at least it’s showing up now!


  4. I say go for it. I wanted pink hair forever, and I'm so glad I did it. It was freeing and brings out a lot in other people too. If you really want to don't care what others think, let your hair be your little bit of flair, a treat you (and Ali)can enjoy. You deserve it.

  5. Go for it! Or at least try pink extensions! If you don’t want to commit to actually dying your hair they are a great way to have fun, but you can take them out whenever you want. I have occassionally rocked the pink hair for a decade now, and although my job won’t permit pink hair (yay real job after college!…) I still like to throw in some pink highlights via extensions on weekends to get my “fix”.

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