1 Birthday Present.
21 Wire Ties.
1 Not-So-Patient Very Eager Birthday Girl.
2 Torture-their-daughter-loving Grandparents.
1 Amused-and-Camera-Ready-but-suspiciously-not-helpful Daddy.

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18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – The Evil Underbelly of Birthday Presents.

  1. I know exactly how you feel! Why is it that they feel like they have to reinforce packaging of toys so much? They even sew Barbie dolls’ hair to the package!

  2. I swear I think they spend more money on those little plastic ties than the actual toy itself! So annoying…Great pictures though!

  3. Those are so annoying, at least you kept smiling.

    I’m having a Valentine’s give-a-way…come on over and check it out! :D

  4. ummm…so why are you putting them in your mouth? Talk about weird quirks!

    I have seriously considered taking the toys out of their packages and THEN wrapping it. Especially for Christmas. It might make it harder to wrap, but I think you’d come out better anyway, and the not-so-patient child waiting on the toy would definitely come out better!

  5. AmyG: It was a Mr Potato Head PlayDough set – so there were a million little pieces that the deemed needing to be roped down.

    Jennifer: Because if I hadn’t put them in my mouth, my toddler would have made off with them while waiting impatiently for her new toys!! If she didn’t the cat surely would have found them entertaining. And 21 wire ties spread around the house would be MUCH worse than the original proposition!

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