As you know, I love discovering people’s quirks. And I love that EVERYONE has at least one, if not many, MANY more quirks.

Our wonderful Pastor’s quirk is his love with the English language. He loves alliteration, studying sentence structure, and fancy words.

And when I say fancy words, I mean he throws out some words that would confuse Mr. Webster himself. And yes, sometimes they are suspect enough that it sparks a debate as to whether or not the word existed before Sunday morning.

So the past few Sundays, I’ve taken on the challenge of picking my favorite word from the sermon and teaching it to Ali.

Last week’s word was “Bombastic“. That one was pretty easy for her to learn, and she liked it a lot.

This week’s word was “Axiomatic“. So, to increase the difficulty of my game a bit, I decided to combine it with last week’s word and get her to learn a new phrase.

Of course I’m not explaining what these words mean to her, because I certainly don’t know. But I think she makes up the definitions for herself.

So here were my efforts on the way home from Church yesterday:

And, in case you were wondering, I did a bit of research before posting this to see if I could define what “axiomatically bombastic” meant. Thanks to, the best definition I can come up with is: “something that requires no proof that it is pretentious and pompous – it is a self-evident truth”.

Hmm. . .so my best guess on something that would be axiomatically bombastic: rappers. Definitely rappers. 50 Cent, Kanye, Snoop Dogg, and who’s that guy with the huge clock around his neck? Flavor Flav. Yes. They are all “axiomatically bombastic!”

For the sequel post, click here.

7 thoughts on “That’s Axiomatically Bombastic!!!

  1. I am trying to say “axiomatically bombastic” and I think Ali says it better. I think of people that buy $500. jeans and $150. a pair panties, remember Atlanta? No offense to anyone I hope. LYB, kitty

  2. The camera. She LOVES watching video of herself. She knew I was videoing her and she wanted to watch it. It makes her laugh like nothing else.

  3. That’s hilarious! Tim and I have a running list of Harry’s words. His vocabulary is over my head. (: April

  4. ya no i have a funny pastor story to lol a few mts back at church he was telling a story about someone trying to trick him and he said do i look like a crackhead lol and then about a week or 2 ago he says i don’t know about yall but i think thats pretty fruity hahahaha it was funny

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