I do love a good alliterative title!!

So Chris and I have this quirk. . . .

I know, I know, we have tons.

Anyway, I’m wondering if it is technically a “quirk”, or if it is pretty common.

As soon as we come home from anywhere, no matter the time, the first thing we do is go change into our “comfy clothes” or “at-home clothes”. I may even change in and out of my “leaving the house clothes” and “comfy clothes” several times a day, depending on how many times I leave the house.

So. . . .the question is,

Are you more concerned with efficiency in your clothing or maximum comfort?

Do you put something on in the morning and wear it until bedtime?

Or do you have “leaving the house clothes” and “comfy clothes” that you change back and forth?

Or, do you have your own dressing quirk?

12 thoughts on “Survey Saturday!!!

  1. I’m pretty comfy in some jeans and a nice sweater or short sleeve t-shirt over a long sleeve white shirt. I usually wear this all day until some time after dinner. Then I’m thinking about becoming more comfy. My husband has this thing about changing too many times in the day. If he is in his work clothes (business casual) and I say, “Why don’t you put on some sweats” (to take the dog for a walk). He might respond, “No, because then I have to change again into my jammies later”. He would rather keep the business casual on until it’s bedtime so that he doesn’t have to change twice. Isn’t that quirky? And he’s not a lazy guy.

  2. I usually just leave the same clothes on all day. However, on Sundays, I do get into my comfy clothes as soon as I am in the door. I used to wait and get the kids changed and settled down for a nap, but no longer. I plop the baby in the floor with a couple of toys, tell the boys to keep an eye on her, and disappear into my room to put on my comfy clothes. It’s only a few minutes, but it makes me feel like a different woman!

  3. I always put my comfy cloths (PJ’s) on when I get home from anywhere. :) :) I would so much rather be comfortable when I’m at home. :)

  4. most days i keep whatever i put on in the morning. i find i end up doing more laundry if anyone comes in and changes. and i hate doing laundry. of course on the good days when i’m at home i can put on my comfy clothes and not change until i put on my flannel pajamas at night.

  5. Comfy all the way. No matter when I get home from anywhere, the first thing I do is change into all soft clothes (drawstring pants, tshirt, something not-underwirey).

    If I’m not leaving the house, I stay in those clothes from morning till night.

    I really have to have a good reason to leave the house. ;)

  6. I always take off jewelry very first then put on the comfy clothes. If I have to go back out sometimes I will wear the same clothes I wore earlier. If I am home, as soon as I get up I put on comfy and leave them on all day. LYB, kitty

  7. If I’m not going anywhere.. it’s comfy clothes all day. If I go somewhere, I put on my “going out” clothes, then change as soon as I get a chance, when I get home. It’s all about comfort for me!

  8. I always change into my at home clothes or comfy clothes when I get home no matter what. I also can change in out of going out clothes and comfy clothes no matter how many times I have to go out. It is all about comfort for me.

  9. Well, so far, the count (including myself) is 7 comfy, 4 all day. So maybe the quirky people are the people who stay DON’T change!!!

  10. Well I wear scrubs at work all day, which are comfy, but if I go anywhere else after work, which I usually do, I always take a change of clothes. I guess I can still be a little vain about my clothes. That and I’m not a nurse and if you wear scrubs around, people think you are and ask all kinds of nursing questions! lol!
    However, when I get home, I do usually put on at least PJ pants with whatever I was wearing.

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