Ali and I were buying her a new toothbrush today, because she has managed to completely mangle hers to the point that it looks like a bird’s nest.

They had a Thomas one, so of course she was drawn to it first.

It had a button.

And the button played two minutes of the Thomas theme song. I think the idea is to time the brushing of teeth.

However, it only played one very short verse of the Thomas song over and over. . .

They’re two they’re four they’re six they’re eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freight
red and green and brown and blue
they’re the really useful crew

So we sat there, me at the buggy and her in her cozy coupe part of the buggy, through at least three loops of the verse.

I quickly decided that it wasn’t for us, and selected her a nice, quiet Crayola toothbrush.

So we put it back and wandered on. We looped around four aisles, browsing as we went, and came back up the other side of the toothbrush aisle.

It was still playing.

Seriously. Does anyone really brush their teeth for two whole minutes??

If we had gotten that toothbrush, from the time that Ali hit the button when we started brushing her teeth, then she took “Ali’s turn” and mangled her toothbrush for a while, then we gave her a bath, got her dressed and diapered for bed, read the bible and said prayers, it would have still been singing.

If our daughter has rotten teeth, it’s because we will never brush for two minutes.

And yes, I STILL have the theme song stuck in my head.

2 thoughts on “Two Minutes is a Lifetime.

  1. Oh Rachel, James had that toothbrush. He loved it. He would carry it around and just play it over and over and over. It disappeared. “I just don’t know WHAT could have happened to it.” :)

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