It all started out innocently enough. . .

As you know, Ali loves Wii Fit. So she was playing last night, and Chris was helping her score better (of course, she was oblivious to the fact that she was getting help).
. . . but by doing so, he discovered that the balance games are actually MUCH easier to play sitting down (kinda defeats the purpose of Wii FIT), and next thing I know, Little Wii Ali took my top spot at advanced Skiing:
But THEN I left the room for a minute, and when I came back, Chris guiltily admitted to this:Yeah. My soccer ball head-butting score used to be twice what his was.

Now obviously, sit-down-Wii completely defeats the point and doesn’t **really** count. But when you put two super-duper-competitive-(all in fun of course, mostly)-perfectionists and pit them against each other by keeping up with top scores then they discover a way to cheat, temptation can just overpower.

hmm. . . I’m home and he’s not. . .

Nope, I’m not gonna do it.

I’m gonna take the high road.

And instead of beating ALL of his high scores, I will blog about his chiiting instead.

Disclaimer: This post is just meant in fun, as is our competition.

6 thoughts on “Wii Cheat With Feet.

  1. Oh, no! That is definitely not right! He deserves to be called out. Now when he actually scores high I wouldn’t know whether to believe him or not. I think that automatically makes you the wiiner! :)

  2. Well, he DID admit to it, and it WAS all in fun. I think I’ll be able to tell his real high scores from his fake ones. And he can’t help but tell – too sensitive of a conscience even when in fun!

    But yes, I think I shall be the self-proclaimed wiiner!! But. . . when you say that out loud, it doesn’t exactly sound like something I want to be called after all. . . .maybe not so much.

  3. [In the spirit of fun competition…] You know what I think? I think you are hiding behind the high road because you know my foot-eye coordination is better than yours. I mean, its not like you put your foot down during the balance test or anything… So, why don’t you have a seat and take the high score back? Or are you chiicken?


  4. That does defeat the purpose of Wii Fit. :) I’m glad you are taking the high road. :) :) You’ll get better results… :) :)

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