First of all, my Reader Appreciation Giveaway winners!!!

The first winner, selected randomly from my top 11 commenters in the month of December, is Lindsay!!

The second winner, selected randomly from the commenters on the post, is Bethany!!!

Winners: I will be emailing you soon to find out where to mail your $10 Starbucks Cards!

Thank you all again for reading and commenting!!

ALSO : Another HUGE announcement: Jarrod Jones, author of 13 Ways to Ruin Your Life and The Backwards Life and a very good friend of ours, will be on Rick and Bubba tomorrow morning from 8-9AM!!!! That’s on WZZK, 104.7.

Be sure to tune in and listen to him! I’m sure it will be an awesome time with tons of laughs, but also some great insights!

Announcement #3: We all knew she was too good to be just a co-star forever. . .That’s right, AJ has her own blog now!!! Or rather, the Spurling family does.

At any rate, please be sure to go over and welcome them into the blogging world!!!

Last announcement, on a less important note: I have begun categorizing (“tagging”) my blogs, and so now if you’re looking for a particular blog, or trying to get the history on a certain category, You can easily find them!!

It’s going to take a while to get all of my back blogs categorized, but I got a good start (I think I’m back to October), and will keep plugging away at getting them all listed.

You can find the list of categories on the left underneath my blog archive. Click on a category and it will pull up all posts in that category!

And if you can think of a category that should exist that I’ve left out, comment and let me know!

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