On Thursday, we kept Abby for a little while. Abby is three and a half, and so Ali was quite excited about having a “big kid” come and play.

She was totally in awe.

She kept pointing at her and saying “Abbbby”, in this dreamy-I-am-so-lucky-to-know-you sort of way. One time she poked Abby’s shirt when she said it. Abby looked down at her shirt and said, “No, that’s Winnie-The-Pooh.”

I was amazed at how well Ali shared. She has a bit of only-child tendencies already – if another kid is even in the room, she runs and pick up her toys, clutches them to her chest, and says “Ali have it!!!”.

But with Abby, she was so thankful to be in her presence that she would go get one of her favorite toys, give it to Abby, and turn to me and say, “Ali shares with Abby!!” in this super excited voice.I mean, you would have thought Abby were Hannah Montana or something.

Not that Ali knows who Hannah Montana is.

Okay, you would have thought Abby were Thomas the Train or something.

And Abby had her own amount of admiration for Ali:
Being that she has three brothers, having one-on-one time with another girl is quite a treat, I do believe.

And one other note: I know my child’s head circumference is just barely in the charts again, but it isn’t right that her head is twice the size of someone who is almost twice her age.
Of course, Abby’s hair style does a lot to understate her head, and Ali’s hairstyle does a lot to accentuate the hugosity of hers.


Earlier that day, we were at the Summit and walking across a wide corner of the parking lot. It was sunny, but crisp. About halfway through our walk, Ali reached up and touched her nose, then worriedly said, “Ali’s nose is getting cold!!”, as if she were warning me that she was going to come down with frostbite any minute now.

A minute later, she felt it again, and informed me of the shocking progress of her worsening condition: “Ali’s BOGEYS are getting cold!!!”

So the next morning, I was sure to ask to make sure that she didn’t have any permanent damage: “How are your bogeys today?”

She greatly relieved my fears when she informed me, “Feeling better!”.

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2 thoughts on “Admiration and Bogeys.

  1. Among the general sweetness and humor in this post, I absolutely love the word “hugosity” you’ve used. It just made me smile.

    BTW, I have never noticed Ali having a big head or anything. She is a beauty.

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