I know, I’m cutting it really close here to starting the new year off on the wrong blogging foot!! I have about a half hour left to get this post published! But we’ve had a busy couple of days, which I’ll fill you in on tomorrow.

But for now, I needed to do a cliche New Year’s post. The force was too strong to resist.

I have been thinking about 2008 and all that happened throughout the year for the past couple of days. Reflection is always helpful for planning and goalsetting for the next year.

So obviously, my goal for next year is to stay out of the emergency room. And to be in good health on all holidays and birthdays.

But, from my reflections, here are my top 6 and bottom 4 moments of 2008. Oh yeah, and the top 7 most bloggable moments of 2008.

Top 6 of 2008:

  1. Ali getting a new cousin, Eli! She so dearly adores him – after we had Christmas with all of her second cousins, she was jabbering on and on about each one of them, and so I asked her who her favorite cousin was. Without missing a beat, she shouted, “Cousin Eli!!!”.
  2. Ali learning to walk, and the hilarious events that finally brought it to fruition. It proved that my child has a bit of her mother’s stubborn streak. Oh yeah, and a double dose of that perfectionism streak from Mommy and Daddy. It’s less of a streak and more of a double yellow line.
  3. All of our great friends that we have grown so much closer to this year. I look back 5, 10 years ago (and really even 3 years ago!), and we had hardly any close friends. Now we have an abundance of such rich relationships. I am so thankful for these!
  4. Blogging. Wow – it has added so much to my life. It’s crazy to say that – it seems so shallow. But the depth of thought processes it has brought out, the family records that are even now books (the closest I’ll ever come to scrapbooking!), and most importantly, through the daily connections that I have with other people (something that I missed terribly when coming home to be a SAHM) has enriched my life more than I can express!
  5. Mine and Chris’ trips by ourselves – they were so awesome! We went to Kiawah Island for our Anniversary and Atlanta twice. Especially the first Atlanta trips, with our multiple adventures!!
  6. We had some great beach trips as a family this year, especially the ones that were enriched by going with other people. We went with David, Ashley and AJ on one trip, with Chris’ Dad on another trip, and of course had a few great trips down to visit with Kitty and Leo. They were all such awesome trips!

Bottom 4 of 2008:

  1. James’ death. Hands down #1.
  2. Our recent work struggles and stresses.
  3. My record number of ER visits this year. Three. All on major holidays, of course. Can you count them? One, Two, Three!!
  4. My Birthday. I really look forward to a good, special birthday every year, and spending this year’s barely being able to move after the torturous ravaging of a stomach virus was NOT my idea of a good birthday.

7 Most Bloggable Moments of 2008:

  1. Although my ER visits made it into the bottom 4, My extreme sleepwalking injury and corresponding 3AM ER visit still has to be the most bloggable moment of the year. I mean, how many people does that happen to?
  2. Eli’s early arrival!
  3. The “Crazies” and the Greek Adventure from our first Atlanta trip. I know, already mentioned in the top, but our adventures there were just too rich not to be in this list as well.
  4. Toenail Art. And Again.
  5. Ali’s creation of Chris’ Birthday Present.
  6. Ali’s superhero adventures.
  7. Ali’s silly shoes. Do you know that she is STILL scared of boots in any fashion?!

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