Ali and I decided to do some creative “coloring” yesterday. We used Play-Doh instead of crayons to color our pages. Ali understood the concept a lot better than I thought that she would:
Inspecting her (although mostly my) work:
Of course, not too happy that she had a teeny smidge of Play-Doh on her finger. Such a girly-girl. “Mommy get it off!!!”
By the way, these great coloring pages can be printed for free at Scripture Melodies, a site that some friends of ours created to house the wonderful scripture memory songs that they have written, along with accompanying coloring pages. I have found that the coloring pages are great for Ali – they are simple and easy to understand and color, and she loves recognizing people from the scriptures on them – Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Angels, etc. I highly recommend them!

More creative play. Five years ago, I probably would have laughed at my Mom for how many toys of ours that she still had. However, it’s so fun to see Ali playing with my favorite childhood toys. So nostalgic!

Sitting the Little People down for a yummy meal of goldfish (those are big catches in proportion to the little people!!):I love this pose. So little kiddish!!
With my whole dollhouse set:
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24 thoughts on “Slightly Wordy Wednesday – Creative Play

  1. I love the coloring idea too and I really miss my old Little People set. It’s somewhere in one of the many boxes my mom has held onto as a shrine to my childhood. Excellent pictures you’ve shot!

  2. Okay, I love the old Little People playhouse. That is so neat your mom has saved it. Your little Ali is too cute.

  3. I went to Scripture Melodies. Thanks for the link. I am going to print some out for James to color with Abbie’s help.

  4. How on earth did you manage to do all that and NOT get any on the walls/curtains/inside the DVD player?
    Either you are one quick mummy or you have a very clean toddler!

  5. She’s so cute! And I had one of the doll houses when I was kid… played with it all the time!

    Thank you for the Scripture Melodies site! I’m getting ready to print off the story of Jesus’ birth, for the girls! Great site!

  6. I love the pictures. My boys love playing with playdoh. Me? Not so much because they like to get it everywhere.

  7. How cool is that, I have never thought of that one. We are doing playdough right now, only we are more in the “don’t eat it” stage.

  8. Thanks, Rachel! I’m glad Ali enjoyed the coloring pages! We’re hoping to post the children singing the Luke 2 story soon.
    I never thought of “coloring” with play-doh! Great idea!
    : )

  9. Absolutely feel nostalgic looking at the Little People! Wish I had kept mine! I have all my other childhood toys, like my Barbies and Mapletown critters, but somehow the LIttle People got lost in the mix.

  10. Ah…the Little People! I had that same house! I hope one day my mom will let me bring my barn, house and zoo back to Birmingham for our children!

  11. I played for hours and hours with little people houses we had a whole village of them. Your little girl seems to be having a great time and boy does it build imagination

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