I saw a little girl around Ali’s age and her Daddy at the grocery store yesterday. She had on a new and shiny dressy brown and pink polka dotted shoe on her left foot, and a raggedy old tennishoe on her right foot. Being that the tennishoe was taller than the dress shoe, she was kind of walking crooked.

I immediately thought, “Only a Daddy. . . “

But since I am against generalizations of husbands and Daddies, I decided to give him some grace. Maybe she had a weird obsession with ONE shoe like Averi. . .

My floorboard seems to be a magnet for orphaned umbrellas. Both Deidre and Gina left them in my car last week. And I’m terrible at remembering to return things like that, and like rubbermaid. Just ask my Mom. I think I have at least half of her dishes at my house.

So, please consider this a public service announcement that if you left your umbrella in my car, please remember to get it back from me. Or rubbermaid at my house. Please don’t count on me to remember it!

There was a full-length fat-mirror at the hotel that we stayed in last weekend. The only problem was, I didn’t realize that it was a fat-mirror until the last day. So therefore, it gave me a fat complex all weekend.

Which really stinks, especially since I was shopping and made the mistake of trying on grossly-small-sized-boutique-jeans (something that I have already learned my lesson on but can’t seem to quit doing).

Anyway, it turns out that the mirror was proven to be without a doubt a fat-mirror. On Sunday before we left, I was standing in the bathroom looking into the hallway where the full-length mirror was. Then I looked to my right where the bathroom mirror was, and I immediately lost 30 pounds. And several inches of width. And that was in my face alone!!

I inspected said fat-mirror, and sure enough, it was curved out from the wall, therefore creating that short, fat, curvy look that I’d been paranoid about all weekend long.

I was so angry at the fat-mirror. I wanted to report it to the hotel and tell them that it was no way to make their guests feel special.

I’m working on recovering from my weekend-long complex, but I’m sure you ladies understand out there that it’s not an easy task, even IF a plausible explanation is discovered.

5 thoughts on “An Order of Mini-Blogs.

  1. Well, if it helps, I was struck by your great figure in the pic of the gold leggings-outfit from your post the other day. Wish I could blame my extra curves on a fat-mirror. :)

    See you Thursday!!!

  2. Here’s your reminder. I need my umbrella back. It’s pouring outside. :) Well…it was pouring, now it’s just dark and cloudy like it’s about to pour again. :)

  3. Ok, so maybe it's weird to go back to historical posts and leave comments, but I was just combing through on a lazy Sun. afternoon that needed a few laughs and had to mention that my husband told me one time that in workout gyms where they have walls upon walls of mirrors they will actually put something like a washer or nickel behind the mirror and then screw it to the wall so that it bulges JUST a teeny bit — just enough to make all the guys feel great about themselves — maybe this was their intention… looks like their target audience was not reached! Haha :)

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