Ali has recently begun to point out people that look like people that she knows. Such as if she sees someone with straight red hair, she always points and excitedly says, “Kristin!!”, who is her favorite church nursery worker. Or if she sees someone with straight blonde hair, she says, “Amy!!”, one of my lifegroup girls.

I can almost always figure out how she is coming to her conclusion. A blonde toddler = Donovan; a blonde little boy = Isaac, A man with a beard could be Daddy or Pop, depending on their age, and on and on. . . but she can always see someone in everyone.

However, she had one today that cracked me up. Now I’m not going to dig myself into a hole and say that I don’t see any similarities, but regardless of similarities or lack of similarities, I’m pretty sure that ANY man would be happy with this comparison. She saw a magazine cover at the bookstore, and immediately decided and was VERY INSISTENT that the person on the front cover was one of her buddies at work, Kirk:

Hmm. . . is it the smile? At any rate, I think that Kirk can rest assured that Ali likes him. . .

If you want to put your order in for your “look-alike”, let me know who you’d like it to be, and I’ll try to subconsciously plant it in Ali’s mind so as to give you a Tom Cruise sized ego boost.

4 thoughts on “Her Facial Recognition Software is Developing Well

  1. Lola does that too. She calls all babies Ella (Edwin and hannah’s baby). The other day she say a picture of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She pointed and said mommy and daddy! HA!

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