There have always been a couple of conversations that come up at our family dinners that probably shouldn’t. I don’t know why, but they just do.

For instance, when MY family gets together for dinner, whether it is a holiday or not, the conversation ALWAYS ends up at poop somewhere during the meal. And if it is a really special dinner, maybe puke will come up also. Of course, both became even more frequent once we had babies to provide more fodder for the conversation topic.

And at Chris’ family, from the time that Chris and I were dating, at every Christmas dinner someone would always nonchalantly say, “Did you know that Cinnamon is an aphrodisiac?”. It was always someone different from year to year, including Chris’ 80+ year old Grandma one time.

And I seemed to be the only one that noticed the annual recurrence of this question. It was somewhat twilight-zone-ish: Someone would bring it up, and then I would try to convince them that we talked about this very same thing last Christmas, and they would look at me with blank stares.

Come to think of it, maybe the joke was on me.

So now you know what conversations I have to look forward to next week (and what conversations YOU have to look forward to if you’re visiting our family – ahem, Leanna). Are our families the only ones with weird dinnertime conversations?

4 thoughts on “Dinnertime Conversations

  1. Um…no that’s not weird. Everytime I eat dinner with my mom and brother something comes up that’s inappropriate. So now I’ve just stopped eating with them. :)

  2. Well I can’t wait. I have to admit now that there is a baby in the family some of our conversations turn to bodily functions more than they used too. Can’t wait to see everyone!

  3. Girrrrl, you are not alone!! Our family converstaions at Thanksgiving and Christmas ALWAYS seem to end up about bodily functions EVERY year. We have even tried to change the subject but it always goes back! LOLOL~funny post! :)

  4. oh my! the aphrodisiac one cracks me up! thanks for that laugh. i’ll have to think about anything that our families tend to do each year.

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