As I told you yesterday, we haven’t made any sort of resolutions for the New Year, but have found ourselves enjoying being healthier due to a couple of Christmas Presents that we received. Yesterday, I wrote about my super fun juicer. Today, I’m going to write about Chris’ Wii Fit.

Kitty and Leo gave the Wii Fit set to Chris for Christmas (and, ironically, we gave one to them – both by request of course), and we have been LOVING IT!! It is actually so much more fun than I thought it would be – I have to admit I’m more than a little addicted to it.

In an attempt to be a bit less wordy than I was yesterday, I am going to do it in the form of top 7/bottom 2:

Wii Fit Top 7:

  1. The games are actually fun – not just working out. Games like soccer ball heading, tightrope walking, hula hooping (which I’m the Queen at right now – my record is over 3000 hoops in 10 minutes – “Calorie Incinerator” – That’s me!), and silly games like being in a penguin fish and having to slide back and forth to catch fish:(That’s Chris’ Mii in the Penguin costume, by the way.)
  2. The games that are more traditional exercise, like running and step aerobics, are made much more fun by having all of our Mii characters doing it along with us. For instance, we’ll be out on a “run” around the island, and since we had 20+ Mii characters made (of all of our friends and family) before we even got Wii fit, they will run past us, be cheering from the sidelines, trip and fall on their face, etc. These aren’t the greatest pictures in the world, but for instance:
    Nick in the left corner, me in the green shirt on the right side:
    AJ coming up on the left, Christie passing Chris on the right:
    This is the final picture of everyone greeting and cheering, including me, Papa (Chris’ Dad), Mammaw, Brad, and Ali:
  3. FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK!! Okay – you know how I love my charts and graphs. This game has amazing charts and graphs of your exercise, weight, BMI, activities – everything you could want. But better than that is the feedback you get while exercising. The Balance board is extraordinarily sensitive and can tell if you are doing the activities just right or not, and gives you immediate feedback and points based on your actual performance. That way, you learn to do it better than you could ever do by being at a class or watching a video.
  4. Competition – It keeps the top 10 spots and lets you see who’s the best. Being that we are a very competitive family, this keeps Chris and I busy always trying to knock each other off the top spot in each game.
  5. Ali thinks its a great TV show to watch! Especially with all the Mii’s – she recognizes them and loves it! This morning, the first thing she asked to do when we got downstairs is to “watch Mommy play Maro” (All Wii is Mario to her). She even requests specific games, like “Hit soccer balls!! Catch fish!! Dance with Daddy! Hool Hoop!”. It’s a much needed break from Thomas and Friends for me, as well.
  6. It works – I’m super sore!
  7. It’s hilarious to watch each other play. L:
    Like my hula skillz? Here’s Chris and Ali dancing in the background after throwing me all of my hoops:and. . .

Wii Fit Bottom 2:

  1. Almost all of it is one player at a time. But that’s not too bad, because like I said, it’s fun to watch each other play, and you really need a break after some of the more vigorous exercises! We take 15 minute “turns”.
  2. I’m sore!!! Oh yeah. . . that was a top 7 one as well.

So – I highly recommend it! It’s TONS of fun, and a great workout!

5 thoughts on “Accidental Resolve: Wii Fit

  1. Hmm… it didn’t post my comment, it ate it, lol.

    Anyway… this looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to get ours, which will be when taxes come back.

  2. Oh, you’re brave, taking a pic of you doing it. Just today I instituted a “no audience for Mom” rule when I do it. Between my hyper-competitiveness, my perfectionism, and my total suckage at all of the games, I get really insecure when my personal peanut gallery watches and comments. Yeah, I know. My issue. But I’m gonna take awhile to get used to it. :)

    Hey. That was therapeutic. Thanks. You’re a good listener. ;)

  3. It looks like fun…I am tempted to save my pennies a buy a WII and WII Fit. I might actually use it more than I do my workout videos.

    It was great to finally meet you and your family. You are all so nice and wonderful. You made me feel right at home. Which isn’t easy to do since I am a such a introvert.

  4. oh fun! we’ve played around with a friends’ Wii Fit and love it! we want one so bad, but we dont even have a Wii…sooo cant really shelly $300+ right now for the whole system…maybe next Christmas!

  5. another plus…they’re starting to develop other games for the wii that use the wii fit board! :) we enjoyed an evening of watching my hubby, his brother, and his dad work up sweats while they were “snowboarding” in the living room!

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