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Ali got her first jar of Play-Dough last week at the camping trip in her “Prize Pack”.
She is amazed at how artistic I am. Yes, I can make a heart, a triangle, OR a ball out of her play-dough. I EVEN made a happy face.

It’s great to have someone lower than my artistic level that I can impress.

Because once she hits two, she has a good chance of surpassing me.

Anyway, she thought that I was magic. I could turn it into anything.
So she said, “Make Green Triangle!”

I explained that I could make anything she wanted out of pink, but that the Play-Dough was pink and I couldn’t change it’s frequency of light refraction to appear green.

She nodded and said “OK Mommy. Pink Triangle.”

So I made a VERY impressive pink triangle. I handed it to her, and you would have thought I had given her diamonds. She was thrilled, and I got a very enthusiastic “THANK YOU MOMMY!!!”
Her excitement lasted for about 30 seconds, and then she looked at me very matter of factly, handed it back to me, and said “Now make it green.”

4 thoughts on “She Thinks I’m Superwoman.

  1. She is so cute! And it sounds like she is talking so well. We mommies do have superpowers, but so far I haven’t been able to change the colors of things. If I could my walls would change a lot!

    Oh, thanks for the link help.

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