Thursday night was the first night where we had ALL twelve of our kids there at once. We now have even odds: 12 kids, 12 adults. It was quite crazy! AND number 13 is on the way next year! (No, not me. AJ is going to be a big sister!)

Kendall hanging out with her new American buddies at small group on Thursday. The four in the chair are all within 6 months of each other and are destined to be best buds foreverever.Kendall kept trying to support herself on Ali, and Ali would help her for a minute, then scowl at her as if to say, “Walk by yourself!!”
Ali grabbed Deidre’s camera and was mesmerized. Maybe soon she can take over as the resident family photographer and give me a break!!
Ring around the Rosy with Nathaniel. Or, as Ali excitedly calls it, “ROSIES!!!”
Dinner Friday night. Ali ate ALL of her Broccoli – which was quite a bit – and some of mine. And then made herself giggle all night with her broccoli toots.
Daddy and Ali driving the Hot Dog truck – Ali’s favorite mall attraction.
Gina, you’ll be happy to know that we took your advice and got Ali green playdough, plus a few more colors to counteract any other needs for colored triangles.
Oh, and since I was bad-mouthing my artistic (or lack-thereof) abilities yesterday, I thought I’d show you my impressive smiley face (Ali DOES love smiley faces these days):
Yup, a bow and everything! Unfortunately, it didn’t impress Ali. I asked her if she thought it was pretty, and she said “Uh uh!! All done smiley face!!” :( I told you it wouldn’t be long until she passed my artistic abilities.
We had a weekend of festivals – on Friday, Ali and I went to Christmas Village with Ashley and AJ. Can you say CROWDED and HUGE! But it was fun. Then this morning, we went to Homestead Hollow with Daddy.

We rolled into Springville and were greeted with this:
With so much going on, how to choose where to go? Springville may be a little town, but they are a bustling one!

Ali LOVED the Bluegrass band. And they loved her attentiveness and dancing skills.
Ali really wanted to ride the Ponies, but she kept saying “Ride Ponies! Mommy ride with you!!”
I knew she wouldn’t ride without me on it, and I knew the Pony People wouldn’t appreciate me riding with her, considering the Ponies came up to my waist. But we did pet one of the Horsies instead.
We had wonderful festival food. Chris had the Jalapeno Poppers, and Ali and I had one of our favorite foods:
Yes, Ali really enjoys a good Corn on the Cob.
And Chris had the camera, so I am not surprised at all that he got a picture of this sign:
. . .and so he has been referring to Ali’s diapers as “Thunder-bags” ever since.

9 thoughts on “A Few Stories from the Weekend.

  1. That corn looks yummy! Your smiley face is absolutely perfect – I’m much impressed. Love the broccoli toots story… :)

  2. HAHAHAHHAAA broccoli toots!! Funny!!! Oh and your post about phlem..that cracked me up because I pictured you hocking up some grossness and Chris running out of the room gagging. I was laughing so hard!! :)

  3. AJ is going to be a big sister?!?!?!? I didn’t know that!!!!!!!!!!! When did they announce it? When is she due? I am SO excited for them!!!

    Loved this post. I seem to like stories with pictures, I guess. :)

    My sister-in-law’s parents live a stone’s throw away from Homestead Hollow. We were hoping to go up there, but we had conflicts both weekends. Maybe next year.

  4. Yup! She is due in early June. They “went public” last week.
    Ali prays for “Ashley’s Tummy” every night, but she doesn’t get the “baby” part – I think she just thinks Ashley has “hurt tummy” like I did when I had surgery.

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