So. . . Chris and I have always had an affinity for entering into a good ole’ football squares game. He likes brackets during March Madness also, but since I hate basketball more than cleaning out the refrigerator, I don’t do brackets.

We are not normally gambling people, but an office pool is always fun to enter. Either Chris’ office or the lawyer’s office next door always has a football squares game for Alabama games. You know – the ones where there are 100 squares, and you buy a square for $1, and if the last digit of the score for each team lines up with your square at a quarter, half, or final, you win $25 or $50 or $100 (depending on the rules).

I have actually NEVER won at Chris’ office or the office next door’s squares, but I’m not out anything because Chris always buys me the squares and never “charges” me for them. He’s a true southern gentleman.

Anyway, so this year for each game, Chris has been buying:
2 squares for him
2 squares for me
2 squares for Ali (I can hear your gasps of indignation now).

So in summary, he’s been shelling out $6 a week of his “allowance” for a little fun to be had for all.

And. . . . Ali won this week.
Chris actually forgot to bring his squares home for Saturday, so we didn’t have the fun of pulling it out and looking at it at the game, so he had to wait until he got back to work this morning to check, and sure enough, our 21 month old daughter is a successful gambler.

And $50 richer.

So now the question is, how do you “let” your toddler spend their gambling wins? Or do you put it in their piggy bank to teach them “good” saving lessons?

Oh – and for the record, it was our lawyer’s office that started this squares game. So if we get arrested due to the publishing of this blog, at least we know where to find our defense.

5 thoughts on “(insert your indignation here)

  1. So glad to see that we are not the only “friendly wager” family!!
    In response to you comment:
    We were at the beach. I do not know of any Putt-Putt places around here. I wish there were… we would probably be there often!
    Also, about Maddox winning. I did say that his score was based solely on the number he called out. The fact that he would hit the ball once, pick it up and place it right beside the hole… well that sort of called for him to be disqualified.
    Thanks for reading!!

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