Obviously, I’m obsessed with taking pictures. And blogging. So It’s only fair that I get to do a recap in photographs each week. So without further ado. . .

These first two pictures are from our small group on Thursday night.
This is what I would look like with quadruplets:
Overwhelming when I consider it, and then I remember that this is Julie (if you replace my child with her child that is the same age):
Wow she is braver than me. And more patient. And everything else with a more at the beginning or an er at the end.

During our lovely date weekend, we did a bit of shopping at the Summit. While I was at Belk (I really can’t stand even typing that horrible word – can I keep calling it Parisian? Thanks.), I saw a couple of “curious” things.

Curiosity #1: Nuns need makeup and perfume too.
Curiosity #2: This is a two piece set – a coat and handmuff.And here’s a closeup of it’s tag:
That size and price should never, ever go together.

When we picked up Ali on Saturday, Ali and I tried out Pop’s latest project, this newly restored race car:
Since I know that you want to buy it, you can do so here.

And Ali had to swing with Gramamma once more before we left:
Rewind to a bit earlier in the week: Ali and AJ were carefree and cruisin’. I hear Beach Boys music every time I look at these pictures:Fast forward to Saturday night’s Sunday School party:
Ali immensely enjoyed Abby’s bracelets:
And Ali and AJ loved the puzzles:
While Abby and Mia were princesses.
And the last picture of the weekly recap – my little floating-headed-toddler:

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Photographs of the Week

  1. I love the pictures. They are cute. Why on earth would nuns need make up. I wonder if they were trying to convert the make up lady to Catholicism.

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