Hello, my readers!! I know that I have had a couple of giveaways lately, but this giveaway is just for you!!! (I usually advertise my giveaways on several sites, which is why I get so many entries – no, those are certainly not all my readers!)

This giveaway is for two $10 Starbucks cards that have been waiting for a giveaway to be put to good use! The reason for this giveaway is two-fold: I want you, my readers, to realize how much I appreciate you, and secondly, I would like you all to comment so that I know who my readers are!

I really do appreciate you so much – I get most of my inspiration to continue blogging with obsessive-compulsiveness excitement from your comments and feedback! I love blogging, but I am a “words of affirmation” person, so I also LOVE getting feedback and even just to know that people find my blog interesting enough to read!

And secondly, I would like to know who my readers are because , well, because I like to know who my readers are! Whether I know you in real life, or you know someone who knows me, or we have nothing in common at all – I would love to know you’re out there! And just to address some of your concerns about commenting:

“I can’t comment because I don’t have a blogger account”
Anyone can comment! If you don’t have any of the accounts in the pull-down menu, just select “Anonymous”‘ and then write your name within your comment.

“But She’ll think I’m stalking her/I’m creepy!”
ummm, No. I write to be read! It thrills me to find out new readers.

“If I comment once, she’ll expect me to comment more often.”
Nope. Now I do love commenters, but that’s up to you!

Be sure and let me know if you have a blog also – I always read my readers’ blogs, and I have already found two new blogs by this post!! It’s very exciting to connect with other bloggers!

All you have to do to be entered is to comment. And you get a double entry if you comment either a) what sort of blog posts you like best, OR b) what makes you want to comment on a blog post (because I really want my blog to be fully interactional with my readers!!).

One winner will be chosen randomly from all of the commenters, and one winner will be chosen randomly from all the first time commenters (so you might want to mention that in your comment). If I have no first time commenters, I will choose two winners from all of the commenters.

You have until Monday, November 10th at Midnight to comment, and the winners will posted at 3pm on Tuesday, November 11th (in the same post as my Red Mountain Music contest winners will be announced).

So, whether you’re a regular commenter or a never-before commenter; whether you check my blog once a month or once a day; whether you like Starbucks or hate it, leave a comment please!

p.s. – I’m thinking about doing a small reader appreciation contest every month. . . whaddya think?

28 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

  1. Just wanted to post my comment to enter for the gift card! I enjoy reading your blog just about every day. My favorite entries are Wordless Wednesdays. I love the photos. Thanks, Rachel!

  2. I’ve commented several times.But,I’d like to say that this is the only blog that I actual read and I check it once or twice a day.There not really nothing in particular that makes me comment I’m just shy sometimes.I read this blog because it’s so well written and entertaining.You should really think about writing a book.Yay always wanted to tell you that.

  3. I’m one of your regulars, of course. I comment on most of your posts because I know you like comments, but I am most likely to comment on things I relate to or can laugh at.

  4. Hmmm, it’s not that I want you to get hurt…quite the opposite, but I have enjoyed your posts about the injuries you’ve sustained.

    And I too, love me some Starbucks. (Too bad this isn’t my first comment!)
    You should give some type of prize to the person who has commented the most (and no, it’s not me, haha!)

    Have fun camping!

  5. Actually Greta, that’s what I was thinking about doing for my monthly giveaway: A drawing between my top 10 commenters for each month. Great idea!! ;)

  6. I comment to let you know you’re being read by someone who can relate to a lot of what you say – it’s nice to know that’s appreciated! I often feel like a stalker b/c we never actually see each other in person!

  7. You know I like to comment and often do. I'm like Jennifer, I like to comment if I can relate or if there is a cute picture~well, they are all cute, but the cutest ones!! So, please consider me for the giveaway!! :) && I like to leave smiley faces!! :)

  8. hi! well you know me…and i like to comment on the posts that mention ME…haha! J/K
    i do like being able to keep up with whats going on in the Callahan world tho! :)
    and, I heart Starbucks gift cards…

  9. I like to comment to let you know I actually read your posts. You and Lindsay are the only blogs I really read because I don’t have much time. It is a nice way to keep up with Lindsay and JC. Oh and I love the pictures of Ali she is just so cute!

  10. Well I guess I will comment too so I can go to Starbucks for free. (Maybe?) I read your blog pretty consistently and love “watching” Ali grow up through your comments and your photos. Keep up the creativity. ~Heather Woosley

  11. Normal day to day is ok but I like posts that are outside the norm. Crazy’s in Atlanta…Awesome! Injuries and sleepwalking…Supercool! Toenail art is tops!

  12. Hi! I commented on the bloggy giveaway post. I live in the Bham area and attend Oak Mt Pres. I love the background of your blog and your little girl is adorable.

  13. Hi Rachel! I don’t know how or when I happened upon your blog, but I’ve enjoyed checking it out. I believe this is my first comment and, though I’m not an avid commentator (I think my comments but they rarely get to my fingers), I’ll comment from time to time on pictures or things that hit my heart hard.

  14. Hi Rachel! It’s Tiffany. I have checked out your blog several times, but this is my first comment. I am pretty new to blogging, and I am just amazed that you have 52 entries for October! I think I comment when people pose questions that I want to say something about, but I am also learning that I need to comment so people know their blog is being read. I think I would post more if people commented more on mine. So, Starbucks or not, I still think your blog is great!

  15. Hi!

    This is my first time to your blog! It looks great! I visited from Long Days, Short Years. Come see my blog sometime! I look forward to following you!

    In the Heart of our Home,

  16. I love being able to see pics of Ali & the funny things she does as well as keeping up with you and Chris. it's my way of staying up to date during VB & SB seasons when I don't see you guys as much.

  17. Love your blog. Just found it through the giveaway carnival. Red Mtn. music is my absolute favorite stuff. We got that connection, girl!

    a.) favorite type of blog post to read = current happenings in family with kids, how God is teaching/molding you, funny stories.

    b.) what makes me comment on a blog post = I comment sometimes to give information (such as freebies or coupon savings) but I really like to comment when I can relate to what the blogger is sharing about in her post.

    Maybe I’ll win one of the giftcards since I didn’t win the Red Mtn. Christmas CD! HA!

  18. Hi Rachel! I’m new!!! My name is Donna. I live in Chelsea, Alabama. I have three kids 13, 10 and 8.

    Favorite Blogs to read – Those that I can relate to! Family, God, Kids, School…and juggling them all in order to be a great mom. It seems that I can’t say “no” lately…HELP!

    What makes me comment – You seem to really connect with others because you are so real. That’s what makes me want to read more and comment…when there’s nothing fake…and when there’s no hidden motive (like are you going to try to sell me something, lol).

    I hope you pick me. I have been having a secret love affair with Starbucks for the past three years…actually it’s not a secret. Everybody knows…and they seem to be ok with it! LOL

  19. You know I check the blog more than once a day, but don’t comment enough. You write great blogs and the pictures are wonderful. Mom

  20. Hey, I’m becoming a fan of yours, so I’m quite new to your site (found it through Amanda, so she should get some credit!) ha I’m also a fan of Starbucks. What a fun idea this is! Maybe one day I’ll have as many readers as you. :)

  21. I truthfully have never been to Starbuck’s–would give it to my sister if I won because she has a Starbuck’s near her.

    karin56381 (at) gmail.com

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