Ali and I went to the Great Pumpkin Patch yesterday with Jaci, Mia and Averi, Greta and Sam, and a few of Greta’s friends. It was much fun! (Incidentally, Jaci and Greta beat me to the punch and already have posts up about our trip!)

Here are Ali and I:Sam was a daring little adventurer on the hay ride – we were bouncing around everywhere, but he was still running back and forth from one end of the wagon to the other! Ali, on the other hand, being a bit afraid of the ride, was quite snuggly! Parenting tip #434: Fear is a great way to get your kids to snuggle with you.
And they’re off!! Searching high and low to find the perfect pumpkin!
Sam really liked Ali’s stick.
Ali wanted a “white punkin”. She rushed past all the orange ones looking for a white one.
Averi was happy to just sit and drum on the first pumpkin in the patch: an ugly, lopsided, bumpy, lumpy one that left no doubt as to why it had been left there. Averi must have a kind heart to those left out.
Sam, being the only man of the group, picked out quite a manly pumpkin.
A white punkin!!!!
Ali was quite proud of her find.
On the way back, she got a bit braver and ventured up to look over the edge of the wagon at the pretty flowers.
Resting after lunch:
And then we took a choo-choo train ride!! This thing was hilarious. It was a tractor with plywood cutouts attached to the sides that were painted to look like a train. The “train” even had four hubcaps attached to it!
All of the kids catching bubbles:
And the ride home. We actually had three car seats going across my backseat – Mia, Ali, and Averi, but unfortunately we couldn’t get a picture of all three.
Oh – Bumbleflies!
At lunch, Ali and I had this conversation:
(A fly lands on the picnic table in front of Ali. This bothers her, and so she says in a “shooing off” tone:)
Ali: All done, bumblebee!! All DONE, bumblebee!
Me: It’s not a bumblebee, it’s just a fly!
Ali: OOOOH. Fly. (in an enlightened voice)
Ali: All done, bumblefly. All DONE, bumblefly!!

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