Eeeenteresting. . . so my bloggy friend Rachel G. complains that people only comment on her blog when she brings up a controversial topic (or at least “discussional” topic), but apparently all of my readers clam up when I bring up a topic for discussion. I guess my readers prefer entertainment posts, not discussion ones. On that note, I think I’ll talk about television. . .

Regarding The Office: I feel a major deja vu of the 90’s when I was the only person alive that didn’t watch “Friends”. Now granted, I caught up mightily in ’01 when we got married. I watched many a rerun of Friends while cooking huge four-course dinners for the two of us that we would never eat the leftovers of and so therefore have a never-ending fridge full of fuzz.

Ah, newlywed days.

Anyway, on Thursdays and Fridays, it seems like every Facebook Status and a whole bunch of blogs are always about The Office. And everyone’s always talking about it. I am starting to believe that everyone watches it but us.

Our original reasons for not watching it were:
1. It airs on Thursday night – our small group night. So we would have to DVR it every time, and since we didn’t know if we liked it, we never started.

2. We used to watch the British version of The Office on BBC America, and although it was hilarious, it was also pretty crass, and since then, we’ve attempted to “clean up” our viewing habits. We were afraid that the American version would be just as bad, so we made the decision not to get sucked in (however, since then I have heard it is not as bad, but I’m not sure what the meaning of the word “as” is).

3. We didn’t need any more TV show addictions.

However, I am starting to feel like we’re missing out on a huge cultural experience, since it certainly seems like it is watched by 299 million Americans.

We didn’t have small group last night, so we turned it on halfway through, and TOTALLY didn’t get it. Obviously we’re missing the storyline. We’re sitting there asking each other, “why is that guy driving around with a stroller attached to his car?”, “Why is that girl at the laudromat instead of at work?”, and “How did they manage to have so many fresh vegetables in their office to cover that baby in?”.

Anyway, you get the point. We’re totally out of the loop.

So. . . are we the only ones out there who don’t watch it?

Is it worth borrowing the DVD’s to get caught up?

Or should we stay blissfully un-hooked?

10 thoughts on “A Blog "Not" about The Office.

  1. We love The Office but don’t get to see it every week because of soccer practice. But I think if you watched it from the beginning you would like it. It is a pretty funny show…

  2. Just so you don’t feel like the only one, I never watched friends and I don’t watch the office either. I have seen some of the British version and like you said it was very crass and that usually turns me off of shows.

    So you are not alone.

  3. I,too, did not follow Friends, although I’ve seen some episodes, nor do I watch the Office. I have also been feeling a little out of the loop for the same reasons – everyone keeps talking about it and referring to it. However, I prefer my comedy clean, and neither of these shows is. If Jesus were sitting next to me on the couch, and I were not comfortable laughing at or even watching something, then that means I shouldn’t be watching it. Besides, I have plenty of things in my life that bring laughter and entertainment (mainly my 3 kids). I do not need to watch something for that.

  4. I don’t watch the office.But,I don’t watch TV at all maybe a few things here and there.As far as if it’s clean,it’s not.I haven’t heard much about the show but,I did hear about one continuously dirty joke.

  5. We’re with you! I do think that Steve (not sure last name), the lead actor is very funny in real life and in the movies but the show I just don’t get. We have turned it on a few times and watched parts and we didn’t get it at all. I did looooove Friends. I never missed it.

  6. We don’t watch either. Like you in some ways, we didn’t want to get “sucked in” when it premiered. And I think we saw one episode back then, and all that stuck with me was how “awkward” the humor was. Like you’re not sure if you should laugh or feel bad for the person.

    Plus it gave me flashbacks to my days in cubicle-land. ::::shudder::::

    We seem to watch only Food Network and HGTV lately. Oh! But if you like really goofy reality, we LOVE this new show on Discovery: Time Warp. All they do is film stuff on their ultra slo mo camera, then play it back. I think they could film paint drying and it would look TOTALLY COOL. We were captivated.

    PS What does that say about us? Oh, and we also love Dirty Jobs.

  7. Ohhhh Rachel! You MUST rent the DVD’s to this show! It is my favorite show (and Chase’s!) you just have to get used to the humor in it. It takes a few episodes to catch on and when you do you’ll be crying hysterically from the laughter. I always enjoy a good laugh!

  8. Don’t feel out of the loop. We don’t watch it either. Shows like that seem so stupid to me and I don’t ever seem to “get” their humor. I did however loooove Friends and was sad when the show ended, but I don’t really watch the re-runs now. Frankly, I just don’t have time! LOL! :)

  9. To understand it and get hooked, you almost have to go back to the very beginning and watch each and every episode. We love it and never miss it… but the humor isn’t for everyone. We won’t watch it with our kids in the room if that tells you anything. The show is all about being hilariously, awkwardly inappropriate. I’ve only seen the British version once or twice but the crassness didn’t even come close.

  10. I don’t watch it. Alex tries to get me to watch it, but from the bits and pieces I’ve seen of it, it’s not a show that interests me.

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