I have random things on my mind, and instead of making them all into separate posts, you get a three chapter post.

Chapter 1. Surgery:
I had my appointment with the surgeon this morning, and he was great. He was very nice and filled with explanations of why I needed to go ahead and have the surgery, what the complications could be, and what the after-effects could be. I am scheduled to have surgery Thursday afternoon. Which, of course, means that I can’t eat OR drink anything after midnight Wednesday night. That should be fun.

Chapter 2: Alabama Crazies:
Lest you thought I was exaggerating in my description of crazie Alabama fans (and for those who thought I was calling Dragon*Con people crazie but NOT Alabama fans crazie), here is one of the guys I was alluding to in my intro on that post: Thanks to Debbie (in photo) for sending me these pictures. This guy is a staple for all Alabama games, home or away. He sits in our section at the home games, and I have yet to be shocked every single time I see him. I bet anyone who goes regularly to the games (or even watches them on TV) has seen this guy before. He’s kinda like the houndstooth twins – a magnet for all cameras. And yes, all of the tattoos (except for the face painting) ARE permanent.

Chapter 3: Puppies
Mystery Solved: Last week I told you about Ali telling me that she played blocks and puppies with Donovan in the nursery during Bible Study. Today when I picked her up from the nursery, I found out two possible origins for her puppy memory.
a. They told me that Ali was calling everyone by name except for Amy Beth, Jennifer’s baby, whom she called “Puppy”, because Amy Beth apparently has a fondness for sticking her tongue out and panting.
b. As they were telling me this, Donovan’s Grandmother walked up and said, “Oh yeah! Donovan pants for every animal sound.”
It’s always fun to find out after the fact what in the world your child is remembering!!

grasping for objectivity in my subjective life: . . . and the crazies descended upon Atlanta.

2 thoughts on “odds and ends

  1. Ha! I was wondering if Amy Beth would make it into your post today! Emily Jackson kept coming into the room I was working in and giving me a play-by-play of the interactions between Ali and Amy Beth. She (Amy Beth) was apparently also quite taken by Eli, and she burst into tears when Lindsay took him. Perhaps we should arrange a play date for the 3 of them. :)

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