I know, I know, I know. You’re all calling all of the emergency rooms around town as I type trying to figure out what trauma must have happened to me to skip a WHOLE DAY of blogging, right? Although I DO seem to frequent emergency rooms this year, no worries – I’m fine – our weekend just took an unexpected turn, so I was unable to blog yesterday. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back to regular blogging programming, but here are a couple of random pictures from the last couple of days in the meantime.

This is Ali’s new favorite place to watch Veggie Tales from. Actually she loves to climb up on the coffee table regardless of whether the tv is on. It’s fun, you know.
Ali started waiting for Daddy at the window at about 3:50 Friday afternoon.
He didn’t get home quickly enough for her, so she decided to just camp out in front of the window:
We went to the park for a few minutes on Saturday. It was unbelievably hot, so none of us could stand to stay long. Here’s a couple of pictures of Ali and I sliding. Here, she’s giving Daddy the A-OK:
Fun fun fun!!

4 thoughts on “what? no blog?

  1. Yes! I was getting a little worried but after your post I feel better!!!!

    P.S. I am friends with your mom!!!

  2. Thanks for worrying! ;) I’m glad to finally hear from you, Giann. My Mom told me that your family has all been reading my blog for quite some time. Welcome!!!

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