Every adolescent boy is insatiably curious what a girl keeps in her purse, mainly because it is drilled into their head that they are NEVER to look in one.

This command is for good reason, of course.

Then, when they grow up and get married, their curiosity of the purse turns into fearful respect. I’ll ask Chris to go grab my wallet, and he’ll come back carrying my whole purse, holding it out in front of him with two fingers as if to keep from catching a disease.

However, this is an expose about what is in a woman’s purse. Or, at least what is in an 18 month old’s purse. Maybe not quite as scandalous as a woman’s purse, but still, it’s an inside look!!

As I told you last week, Ali has a new purse. Since Ali loves to be like Mommy, this weekend we picked up a few things for her to keep in it to make it feel more like Mommy’s purse. Here is a picture with the lady herself with all of the contents of her purse pulled out for play:
Ali’s purse contains:
a) a cell phone which rings when you close it (and answers with a recording of Mommy)
b) a set of keys, including a “beep beep” like Mommy’s (my car often goes “beep beep” in the basement when Ali manages to find my keys).
c) a mirror/brush compact
d) four of Mommy’s old makeup containers that were filled with Nerds by Daddy, who painstakingly divided out the colors from a box of Rainbow Nerds to make them all different. NO, HE’S not wrapped around her little finger at ALL.

Here’s the Little Miss with her purse and on her car telling me “bye bye!”

3 thoughts on “The Contents of a Lady’s purse

  1. That’s so cute. Alex does the same thing with my purse. He’ll hand the whole thing to me when all I need is ONE item that’s no where near anything he might not need to see. But I still get the entire purse. I know it’s a good thing, but it can be a bit annoying at times. As for Ali’s purse, she’s filled it up well. :)

  2. Now that is just too cute! Makes me wish some days that I had a girl instead of a boy. But wouldn’t trade mine for anything.

    Love that daddy sorted the nerds. Better watch out dad…some day….

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