I REALLY enjoyed reading all of your quirks last week!! You did a great job (If you didn’t read the comments to the quirks post, I highly recommend it – everyone’s quirks made me laugh quite heartily!!).

So since I had further thoughts on quirks, I thought I’d open up the quirk box again.

I have noticed that quirks are contagious. Especially when you’re married to a quirk someone with quirks.

For instance, Chris has a quirk about checking locks and safety items multiple times a day. Before we go to bed every night, he has a ritual of checking every door to make sure it’s locked, the coffeepot to make sure it’s not hot, and the stove to make sure it’s not on, regardless of the last time we used said objects and doors. Before we go on a trip, everything is checked multiple times, and the coffeepot gets unplugged (to prevent it turning on itself, or maybe the refrigerator reaching over and turning it on).

So if you were thinking about robbing our house and hoping we left the doors open, you might want to find someone else to rob.

Anyway, his quirk de paranoia has definitely rubbed off on me. When I leave the house, I look to make sure the garage door is closed, then when I get to the end of the driveway I look again. Then when I get one street over and can see the garage door through the neighbor’s trees, I take one last peek to make sure it didn’t decide to spring back open.

So. . . have you ever caught anyone’s quirk? In particular your spouse’s? Or am I the only one that catches them? I DO catch yawns easily. . .maybe I catch quirks easily too.

1 thought on “Quirks Part Two: Are they Contagious??

  1. Preston has that quirk, too! Drives me up the wall – especially if we’re crunched for time. I have definitely NOT picked it up, though. I came home one day to find that I really had forgotten to close the garage door!

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