Wordless Wednesday

My little fashionista insisted on wearing her sunglasses all day yesterday – indoors or out – because they were pretty, and even, according to her, “gujus” (gorgeous).

These were also her official 18 months-on-the-day photos. For comparison, here she is, in the rocking chair, at 15 months.

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  1. chrisann says:

    She is getting cuter and cuter everyday! I can see her personality in each photo! Enjoy every second, it flies by before you know it.

  2. Rachel Callahan says:

    Thanks so much!! She really is a lot of fun right now, so I’m trying to soak it in to prepare for the hopefully-not-at-all-terrible 2’s!! :)

  3. She is so stylish in her sunglasses and adorable.

  4. Well, she is just fashionable from head to toe! My little guy is 18 months too. Only I think he’s hit the terrible 2’s already. No fear.

  5. She’s so so pretty. :) Just like her mother. :) :) She was stylin’ yesterday. It was so cute. :) I love the sunglasses on her. :)

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