My hand is this wierd shade of sickish green with a bit of purple mixed in (from all of the internal bleeding and bruising). But today, I have a new color – my pinkie knuckle is bright magenta! Just the knuckle. Odd.

Ali and I ate lunch with a family with 5 kids – a 5 year old boy, triplet 3 year old girls, and a 1 year old boy. Wow. They are great kids – very well behaved, and cute as can be, but they are still kids. That’s just not good odds to eat out with – 5 on 2. They are so brave. I think I’ll wait awhile before playing russian roulette again. . . sure, the odds of triplets are minisculely (not a word, I know) low, but WOW, what if. . .

1 thought on “Random Thoughts about colors and odds.

  1. Oh my… I can’t even fathom it. I guess the Lord prepares you when He blesses you with triplets. I just hope I’m not so blessed! :)

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