Ali is officially a one-nap-baby now. Naps had started to become a struggle a few weeks ago, and so while we were on our beach trip last week, I went ahead and swapped her her to one-nap days, since that is what AJ does, and also to try it out while it wasn’t critical (i.e. I didn’t have work to do).

I’ve been very hesitant to go down to one nap since I work only during her nap times. She was napping 3-5 hours a day total, and I didn’t know how long I would get when she just had one nap, so I knew that I would either have to cut back on my work or get creative.

The last three days have been the first “official” work/one-nap days, since we were basically on vacation all week last week (Chris was off all week). It has gone surprisingly well!! She has napped about 3 – 3 1/2 hours each day, and the most amazing part is. . . . she is sleeping TWO WHOLE HOURS LATER every morning!! She used to sleep 7pm-7am, but for the last three days, she has slept 7pm-9am!! So I am still getting up at 7am, taking a shower, having my bible time, and then still working for a little while before she even wakes up! So that is VERY helpful in the transition to one nap. It may not last forever, but I’ll take it as long as it is offered to me!

Oddly enough, I think she is actually sleeping MORE all in all now that I have swapped her to one nap!!!

As usual, things are never as bad as I fear that they will be.

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  1. We just transitioned to one nap too. I really like it better because then we can get out the door earlier and on with our morning and then Averi will sleep about 3 hrs. in the afternoon. She still wakes up at 7am though:) Your lucky on that one!

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